Let’s Internet!


Lili’s interaction with Internet has been pretty simple so far. She gets access to the YouTube Kids app, Spotify, and a few other apps and games we’ve installed on an iPad Mini for her. Shout-out to Sago Mini for some of the best apps for toddlers and kids!

But today, we helped her pick some clothes on an online store! We showed her how to use the laptop’s trackpad, explained how the browser’s back button worked, and that’s all she needed to get going!

It’s amazing to see how easy it is for kids to pick these things up. Still, I had a little proud dad moment tonight :)

It will now be a bit easier for her to understand what I do for a living. :)

“Gorilla” Gardening / “Gorilla” Kertész

Kétfarkú Kutya Párt (two-tailed dog party) is a joke political party in Hungary. They’ve been mocking Hungarian politicians for years, and they keep doing just that for this year’s elections.

Yet this little sign, that I found in the park where Lili and I go to play, is the best thing I’ve seen come out of this year’s campaign. They planted red currant, black currant, mulberry, raspberries, thyme, rosemary, all around the park, as part of a Gorilla Gardening (sic) action to make our children’s parks friendlier and more beautiful.

Here is hoping that no one destroys those plants out of spite.