Snowboard à Montréal

Ah, Mont Royal. Quand nous sommes arrivés à Montréal, nous habitions le long du chemin de la Côte des Neiges, donc à quelques minutes à pied du lac aux castors. Le Mont Royal était donc le premier endroit où nous allions pour respirer un peu, se dépenser, faire du sport, …

Je me rappelle les balades à pied et en raquettes, la luge, le patin sur le lac aux castors, la grimpe jusqu’au belvédère pour admirer la vue, … Alors forcément cette vidéo rend un peu nostalgique 🙂

h/t Stéphane!

Add Subtitles to a video in WordPress

WordPress Video Options

I faced an interesting challenge last week: I wanted to add subtitles to a video I had inserted in a page with WordPress’ Core Video Shortcode, but I couldn’t find any shortcode parameter allowing me to specify a subtitle file.

I checked the shortcode’s source code but couldn’t find any “subtitle” attribute there. The Codex page wasn’t helpful either. After more digging, I realized that the whole thing was in fact super easy!

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Try something new for 30 days

30 day challenge

A few days ago, my wife suggested a little challenge: let’s not drink alcohol at all in November.

Don’t worry: we don’t have any alcoholism issues. We just thought it’d be nice to take a little break, and see how difficult it could be.

Can it be done?

Challenge accepted!

But it got me thinking. Why stop there?

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Waffles: my mother’s recipe

Waffles were always a tradition back home. In the winter, we used to make them at least once a month, on Saturday nights. Everyone would get a first waffle with butter and Coulommiers cheese; then nutella / whipped cream, nutella / banana / whipped cream, jam / whipped cream, jam / Coulommiers, butter / powdered sugar, chestnut spread, … I know, I know: not exactly what you’d call a healthy dinner, but so damn good.

In a way, that family ritual was as important as the galettes (buckwheat pancakes) my grandmother makes for the whole family for lunch on Saturdays. But that’s a topic for another post.

Naturally when I moved to Hungary, I did my best to convince Adri we needed to buy a waffle iron. ☺️ Fast forward a few years, we now have our own waffle ritual: every other weekend, my little helper and I make waffles (or pancakes) for breakfast.

Here is our recipe.