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I’ve talked about the REST API on this blog before. I even created a plugin allowing you to make use of it on your own site. This API powers, the desktop apps, and is used in more and more areas of the Jetpack plugin.

Did you know that API also allows you to manage your Custom Post Types via the interface?

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Waffles: my mother’s recipe


Waffles were always a tradition back home. In the winter, we used to make them at least once a month, on Saturday nights. Everyone would get a first waffle┬áwith butter and Coulommiers cheese; then nutella / whipped cream, nutella / banana / whipped cream, jam / whipped cream, jam / Coulommiers, butter / powdered sugar, chestnut spread, … I know, I know: not exactly what you’d call a┬áhealthy dinner, but so damn good.

In a way, that family ritual was as important as the galettes┬á(buckwheat pancakes) my grandmother makes for the whole family for lunch on┬áSaturdays.┬áBut that’s a topic for another post.

Naturally when I moved to Hungary, I did my best to convince Adri we needed to buy a waffle iron. Ôś║´ŞĆ Fast forward a few years, we now have our own waffle ritual:┬áevery other weekend, my little helper and I make waffles (or pancakes) for breakfast.

Here is our recipe.

Automating my local dev environment with Laravel Valet and WP-CLI


When I set up my new machine, I decided to get rid of MAMP and Vagrant, my previous local development tools of choice. While they worked well for me, I needed something a bit different. I need to be able to spin up a fresh installation of WordPress, run a few tests, and burn it all down a few minutes later.

A few months ago, I discovered Laravel Valet. Valet is a tool relying on Caddy and Dnsmasq, allowing you to spin up PHP projects in a few seconds. You can learn more about it here. It seemed like the perfect tool for me, so I decided to combine it with WP-CLI to quickly launch WordPress sites on my laptop.

Let’s dive into the different steps I follow to get this to work.

Got a new machine? Hit the ground running with Homebrew


I just got a new computer, and wanted to install everything from scratch instead of copying data from my old machine. However, I didn’t want to spend hours going from site to site, downloading disk image files, opening them, installing a software, deleting the dmg file, and so on. Luckily, Homebrew┬áand Cask were here to help!┬áHere is the shell script I came up with.

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