Following the Vendée Globe with the kids

I don’t really follow sports, with the exception of the Vendée Globe. Every four years, a bunch of crazy sailors take part in a solo, non-stop, without assistance, round the world sailing race.

I usually follow the event on my own, but this time around the kids will follow the race with me, learning a thing or two along the way!

Back to school

Everything is a bit different this year, isn’t it?

My oldest started first grade last year, and we were all super excited about it. The first day of school was something we all looked forward to. This year, we’re once again stressed about her first day in school, but for all the wrong reasons.

Our small animals

Security cameras can be fun, they can catch interesting things happening while you’re asleep. In action below, 2 of our neighbours, a fox and a beech marten :)


I rarely blog about causes and fundraisers, but I’ll make an exception about this one.


#TeamTrees was launched a few days ago by a few YouTubers I follow. The campaign’s goal is simple: plant 20 million trees until the end of the year. In order to do that, they’ve partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation. You can find out more about the previous work of the foundation here.

They need our help to reach their goal.

1 dollar = 1 tree.

No donation is too small, and it will all go towards a good cause we all need to care about. If you’re like me and travel a lot by plane, that’s a bit you can do to offset your carbon footprint.

Team Trees


Photo by Jan Huber on Unsplash

Burgers are always a success!

Homemade burgers are always popular as home. 😄

They take some time to prepare, but they’re delicious!

Apricot Cake: a quick recipe

Here is another quick recipe I’ve enjoyed making this summer. If you like apricots, this recipe is for you!

Trying a new ride!

Car sharing services are more and more popular in Hungary. We now also have scooter sharing!

Maja est arrivée ! Welcome Maja! Maja megérkezett!

Notre famille s’agrandit ! Lili a maintenant une petite sœur, Maja, qui est née hier ! 🎉👶

Maja is finally here! She was born yesterday at 12:25PM. Everyone is healthy and resting before we all go home in a few days. 👣

Végre itt van Maja! Tegnap 12:25-kor született! Minden jól ment és mindenki egészséges! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

Let’s Internet!


Lili’s interaction with Internet has been pretty simple so far. She gets access to the YouTube Kids app, Spotify, and a few other apps and games we’ve installed on an iPad Mini for her. Shout-out to Sago Mini for some of the best apps for toddlers and kids!

But today, we helped her pick some clothes on an online store! We showed her how to use the laptop’s trackpad, explained how the browser’s back button worked, and that’s all she needed to get going!

It’s amazing to see how easy it is for kids to pick these things up. Still, I had a little proud dad moment tonight :)

It will now be a bit easier for her to understand what I do for a living. :)


Well not me, immigrants don’t get to vote yet. 😊