Today in WordPress world – 18/11

Today in WordPress world – 03/11

  • Here is a little function which automatically filters the content coming from the post. The results are amazing, htmLawed cleans and filters all the bad content and makes the pages validate again right away!
    This tip allows you to clean additional html added inside the posts when writing articles!

Today in WordPress world – 21/10

the 2.8.5 version of WordPress is here!

  • You have probably already seen it in your WordPres dashboards, the 2.8.5 version of WordPress is here!

    The headline changes in this release are:
    * A fix for the Trackback Denial-of-Service attack that is currently being seen.
    * Removal of areas within the code where php code in variables was evaluated.
    * Switched the file upload functionality to be whitelisted for all users including Admins.
    * Retiring of the two importers of Tag data from old plugins.

    We would recommend that all sites are upgraded to this new version of WordPress to ensure that you have the best available protection.

  • Slidefolio is a free gallery WordPress theme, with posts displayed in a slideshow format. Check it out; it is easdy to use and perfect to use as photoblog.
  • Another great smashing magazine article, that lists 10 useful WordPress code snippets, hacks and tips to help you create a WordPress theme that stands out from the crowd.

Today in WordPress world – 06/10

Today in WordPress world – 01/10

WordPress news

  • It’s undeniable that all of us have important women in our lives, without whom life just wouldn’t be as awesomeDuring the month of October, woothemes will be donating a percentage of their proceeds to a local South African breast cancer charity.:
    – 20% of total sales of any of our Business themes;
    – 100% of the sales of two new themes (to be released in October) which have been designed by top female designers – Veerle Pieters & Sarah Parmenter.

Discussion about future of Free WordPress themes

  • Alex Denning over at WPShout brings up an interesting point in his post titled Free WordPress Themes? Forget it. It’s Over. Basically, he argues that free WordPress themes aren’t getting the love and attention they used to, mostly due to commercial themes taking all the spotlight.And you, what do you think? Go give your opinion!

And a great article listing all 33 WordPress plugins you could use to enhancing commenting functions on your blog!

Today in WordPress world – 18/09

  • This post gathers more than 300 resources to help you master WordPress no matter what your skill level is. Everything from premium and free themes to plugins to WP hacks and everything in between is included.I am just a bit sad WereWP is not among WordPress news sites… :) Still have to keep gathering WordPress news for a while to appear in such lists I guess!
  • Members plugin is a user, role, and content management plugin. Its purpose is to make WordPress a more powerful CMS by giving you fine-grain control over the users of your site.