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On Repeat Today: Wax & Wire, Loch Lomond

Scotland is becoming a thing on this blog. After Closet Organ last week, I would like you to discover another band, Loch Lomond. Contrary to what the name suggests, they’re not actually Scottish though; They’re from Portland, OR. I’d have a hard time describing their music genre though (just pop, maybe?), so I’ll just let you listen and enjoy.

Their SoundCloud profile is here if you’d like to start following them!

Google Play Music / Avast: fix uploads from a Mac

Google Play Music is my music player of choice: it’s available everywhere, fully compatible with my Android device, and allows for easy download and upload of tracks. Its lucky mixes are also always on point. I use the free version for now, but I plan on switching to the Paid version once YouTube Red is available in Hungary (one can dream, right?). I believe the paid version gives you access to a library that’s way bigger than Spotify.


Google Play Music can be used via the web, or via a Chrome Extension. You could even use this Electron app if you wanted to. You can also use those tools to upload music from your local computer. However, that upload feature won’t work if you also happen to use Avast Mac Security. When you try to upload, you’ll receive the following error:

Can’t establish a secure connection

It seems that its Web and File System Shields block all uploads. To solve the issue, open Avast Mac Security, go to Preferences, and disable both shields. Don’t forget to turn them back on once you’re done with the upload!


Manage your Custom Post Types on

Custom Post Types on

I’ve talked about the REST API on this blog before. I even created a plugin allowing you to make use of it on your own site. This API powers, the desktop apps, and is used in more and more areas of the Jetpack plugin.

Did you know that API also allows you to manage your Custom Post Types via the interface?

Discover how to manage Custom Post Types via