On Repeat Today: All Women (1997)

About 20 years ago, I spent all my savings and bought a Sony Hi-Fi System. With a 3-CD changer and a cassette player, it was a great purchase! From that moment on I started listening to more and more music, often the same 3 albums on repeat (that’s when a 3-CD changer becomes useful 🙂). I would listen to music while reading, often late at night, almost daily.

One of the first CDs I got was a 1997 selection of pop and pop-rock songs from popular female singers. This was great stuff. I somehow remembered that album over the holidays and created a Spotify playlist so I could listen to that same album even though I don’t have the CD anymore!


On Repeat Today: Long Shot, X Makeena

I’ve known X Makeena for a long time. They’re originally from Brittany, and I discovered them at a small live concert. The music was great, and they put up a show as well! Lights, smoke, masks, costumes, dances, … It was pretty great.

It also happens to be great background music when I’m working, so I’ll often put one of their albums on loop for the whole day. If you like Dub, Drum & Bass, all mixed with hip hop, you should like it too! ? Enjoy!

On Repeat Today: Right Here, Right Now — Fatboy Slim

An oldie, but a goodie! It’s my daughter’s new favourite! ?

This weekend we went on a little road trip, and ended up playing the same cassette tape over and over again all weekend long. It was a tape I created some 17 years ago, and was a mix of The Offspring’s Americana, and Fatboy Slim’s You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby. It’s still good music, especially when you don’t have much else to listen to. ? My daughter quickly recognised the song’s intro; it seems we’ll have to start listening to Fatboy Slim at home as well!

On Repeat Today: Wax & Wire, Loch Lomond

Scotland is becoming a thing on this blog. After Closet Organ last week, I would like you to discover another band, Loch Lomond. Contrary to what the name suggests, they’re not actually Scottish though; They’re from Portland, OR. I’d have a hard time describing their music genre though (just pop, maybe?), so I’ll just let you listen and enjoy.

Their SoundCloud profile is here if you’d like to start following them!