Post Views for Jetpack

New week, new plugin! ?

This is once again a Jetpack add-on, and it’s also another good example of the things you can accomplish with the REST API: Post Views for Jetpack pulls data about your site’s stats, as well as stats for each one of your posts.

This is still a work in progress; I would love to know what you’d like in this plugin, and where you would like to display those post views. Open a new thread in the support forums to let me know!

Petit tour d’horizon des mu-plugins pour WordPress

WordPress, vous connaissez bien sûr. Vous apportez même des modifications à votre thème. Comme beaucoup de gens, vous tirez profit des centaines de tutoriels présents sur la toile pour ajouter des petites fonctionnalités à votre site régulièrement : un shortcode par ici, un widget par là… Toutes ces choses pour lesquelles vous pourriez sûrement utiliser une extension. Mais quand il suffit de coller quelques lignes de code dans votre fichier functions.php, pourquoi pas ? Continue reading

Want to receive feedback on the quality of your theme/plugin?

If you have ever downloaded plugins from the WordPress repository, you know that their quality varies a lot. That’s why it is a good practice to use plugins that were developed by well-known and respected plugin authors, and/or that have been downloaded a lot already: you know that the code has been reviewed, that the users before you have found bugs if there are any, and you can get a pretty good idea of the overall quality of the plugin by just looking at the open forum topics.

But what if, as a plugin author, you could add a stamp, a “certified” mention that would indicate that your plugin or theme was carefully tested? And as a user, wouldn’t it be reassuring to see that the code you are about to install on your site has been tested?

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Using post formats? You need this new plugin!

If you have played with WordPress post formats, you know that they can be really powerful, but that so far the Edit panel interface does not provide any special tools depending on which post format you selected.

But Alex King and his team have now released a plugin that creates a great Post formats UI. A must-use!

I have always be bothered that if I wanted to have a nice-looking link format for, I had to use custom fields. Luckily, this plugin creates new meta boxes for each custom field that is needed to make your post formats look good.

WordPress Post Formats Admin UI :

The code is hosted on GitHub, so you can fork and contribute if you want to.

WordPress local development tips by Mark Jaquith

Mark Jaquith is a lead developer of the WordPress team, and always comes up with great advices for theme developers. Here is a new one, for all of you working with a local instance on your machine for development.

If you want to avoid the numerous small issues you face with your different configurations between local and your prod environment, check his article, and try the plugin proposed at the end of the post.
WordPress local dev tips: DB & plugins « Mark on WordPress.

How to: create a Facebook iFrame application thanks to WordPress

If you are working with Facebook, you must have been slightly worried when they announced the end of the FBML for page tabs. Within a few weeks, some alternatives have been created, and you could switch from the old FBML to some new system. But to me none of these solutions seem satisfying. And let’s face it, I am too much of a WordPress fan not to imagine merging the two systems. So I took the opportunity to start working on a WordPress plugin that would make creating Facebook iFrame applications dead simple for people administrating a WordPress site.

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