Share your blog posts on Mastodon with Jetpack

After dipping my toes into the Fediverse for the past few months, I wanted the Jetpack plugin to be there to help bloggers who wanted to interact more with the Fediverse on their sites.

Jetpack includes Sharing buttons that can be handy for your readers to quickly share your posts to their Social Network of choice ; adding a Mastodon button seemed like a no-brainer!

Watched a movie or a TV show? Log it in WordPress with Traktivity

Do you watch a lot of movies or TV Shows? Do you have a WordPress site? You will love Traktivity!

This plugin allows you to log everything you watch inside your WordPress site. You may then use that data for anything you want.

You could display the last few shows you watched in a widget in your sidebar, you could automatically post on Facebook or Twitter whenever you are watching something, or you could just keep that data to find out more about the genres you watch the most, or how many hours you spent in front of the TV last month or last year.

Most importantly, that data is yours, saved in your WordPress site for good.

A custom theme for SyntaxHighlighter

I’ve used SyntaxHighlighter Evolved on that site for as long as I can remember. It was always my plugin of choice to display code on this site. I’ve played with other tools, like Prism.js or  Pastacode, but I’ve added so many code snippets to this site, it wouldn’t be easy to switch to something else now. Let’s see how I customized that plugin to fit my needs.

Color Posts: an update for your Android readers

About a year ago I released a small plugin named Color Posts. It’s a fairly simple plugin, and it can be extended with filters. I use it on this site, and I’ve made extensive use of the filters to add some color to the sidebar as well as in other areas of the site.

Among all these customizations, there is one that I really like: if you use Chrome in Android, the browser’s background color matches the color picked by my plugin:

2015-11-23 11.14.33
Color Posts changes Chrome’s background color to match the post’s color.

I thought this little detail could be useful for everyone, so added it to the plugin itself! If you use Color Posts, go update now! ?

An experiment with the WP REST API and Jetpack’s REST API

A few months ago, I set to learn more about the differences between Jetpack’s REST API and the WP REST API plugin. Both projects are very interesting for the future of WordPress, as they allow third-party apps and services to interact with WordPress.

I consequently developed a little plugin using both APIs: REST API Post Embeds.

Color Posts plugin: how to use Jetpack libs in your own plugin

I’ve talked about customizing Jetpack in the past, and I also mentioned how you can integrate Jetpack features in your theme.

How about including these features in a plugin? As a proof of concept I just released Color Posts, a plugin that uses 2 very useful classes that are bundled with Jetpack.

Pinkman: Yay Jetpack!

If you visited this site in the past few weeks, you may have noticed a few changes. If you’re reading this through your RSS reader, come join us here. Oh, and get yourself a drink: it’s a long post! :)

Créez une application iFrame grâce au plugin WordPress Facebook applications

Si comme moi vous devez travailler avec Facebook régulièrement, vous avez du vous poser beaucoup de questions lors de l’annonce de l’arrêt du support de FBML. Après quelques semaines, de nouvelles possibilités ont vu le jour, mais aucune ne semblait être aussi simple à utiliser que l’application FBML for pages qui avait autant de succès jusqu’en Mars dernier. C’était donc l’occasion pour moi de travailler sur une extension WordPress pour rendre la création de tabs la plus simple possible pour ceux qui ont déjà un blog WordPress.

Automattic and Onswipe partner to give us the best iPad WordPress plugin

Until today, the best solutions to have an iPad optimized version of your WordPress blog were either not that good, either paid.But that changes today, thanks to Automattic and Onswipe.

JetPack brings 8 functionnalities to your self-hosted blog

Yesterday, Automattic announced the launch of a new plugin, bringing functionalities of to those of us having a self hosted blog. The plugin is named Jetpack and you can find all about it on this website:

Jetpack plugin

You will need a account to activate some of these new features, but it is worth it. Here is a full list of features as of today:

  • stats
  • Twitter widget
  • Gravatar hovercards
  • shortlinks
  • Sharedaddy
  • LaTeX (for nerds only :) )
  • After The Deadline
  • Shortcode embeds