Want to receive feedback on the quality of your theme/plugin?

If you have ever downloaded plugins from the WordPress repository, you know that their quality varies a lot. That’s why it is a good practice to use plugins that were developed by well-known and respected plugin authors, and/or that have been downloaded a lot already: you know that the code has been reviewed, that the users before you have found bugs if there are any, and you can get a pretty good idea of the overall quality of the plugin by just looking at the open forum topics.

But what if, as a plugin author, you could add a stamp, a “certified” mention that would indicate that your plugin or theme was carefully tested? And as a user, wouldn’t it be reassuring to see that the code you are about to install on your site has been tested?

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Podcasts : THE ultimate liste, en attendant vos recommendations !

Les podcasts : comment présenter ce medium, de qualité, mais très peu consommé par le grand public ? J’y suis personnellement arrivé très tard, après avoir reçu mon premier smartphone. C’est maintenant mon passe-temps favori. Voici donc une petite sélection de mes podcasts préférés, ceux qui me font sourire dans les transports en commun, et ceux qui m’apportent un oeil nouveau sur les sujets de tous les jours.

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JetPack brings 8 WordPress.com functionnalities to your self-hosted blog

Yesterday, Automattic announced the launch of a new plugin, bringing functionalities of WordPress.com to those of us having a self hosted blog. The plugin is named Jetpack and you can find all about it on this website: Jetpack.me

Jetpack plugin

You will need a wordpress.com account to activate some of these new features, but it is worth it. Here is a full list of features as of today:

  • WordPress.com stats
  • Twitter widget
  • Gravatar hovercards
  • WP.me shortlinks
  • Sharedaddy
  • LaTeX (for nerds only :) )
  • After The Deadline
  • Shortcode embeds

WordPress 3.1 is here, go download it!

It was announced a few hours ago, WordPress 3.1, codename “Reinhardt”, is finally out. After a long period of beta versions and Release Candidates, the core team has solved all the remaining bugs and 3.1 is ready.

Tons of new features will be included in that new release. I have presented you will all of them in previous articles, but WPcandy put together a great summary of all the features you will be able to enjoy in that new version:

What’s new and exciting in WordPress 3.1

The “new version available” message should now appear on your WordPress dashboard. Update now, or download it from WordPress.

The state of WordPress themes in 2011

Predict the future is not an easy thing to do. Still, some famous theme developers have given it a try in the latest article of WPcandy blog:

The Future of WordPress Themes in 2011

There are some interesting ideas, make sure you take the time to read the whole article.

Personally, I think that the new features introduced with 3.0 et 3.1 will play a big role in the shape of the WordPress themes to come in the next few months: post formats and custom post types will allow the developers to come up with creative ideas and uses of WordPress. That will allow for really small niche themes, but also more classical personal blog themes and micro blogging tumblr-like things.

What’s your take on the subject? Let me know below, and we will meet each other next year to see who was right!

WPHonors, the oscars of the WordPress world!

If you use WordPress regularly, you probably know of a few websites either talking about WordPress, selling themes, posting tutorilas, or gathering WordPress news like this website.

Well, today, the time has come to vote for your favourite website of all! WPHonors was born as the Oscars of WordPress.

And of course, I’d invite you to vote for WereWP, if you like what you find here :)

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