WordPress: how to add a default title to your posts

This came up on the Fediverse: @[email protected] wanted to automatically add titles to the posts on his microblog.

This automation would have to be compatible with all the editors, including the mobile app.

GitHub GraphQL API: search for more than 1,000 Pull Requests

GitHub’s API is really handy when you want to get stats about one of your repositories. Its GraphQL API in particular is really powerful. I’ve shown how it could be used to fetch project information in my GitHub Actions tutorial.

While working on another project, I ran into a limitation that had me scratch my head for quite a bit. I wanted to share my workaround for anyone who may run into this problem in the future.

On Repeat Today: Nova, Burial & Four Tet

Another British DJ today. If you like Bonobo, or Massive Attack to some extent, you’re going to love Burial!

Goldorak, 2021

Grendizer may not have been a worldwide phenomenon, but it was super popular in France when I was a kid. I watched a lot of the episodes, and I have fond memories of it. So when I saw this Goldorak graphic novel in my local library, I had to check it out!

It didn’t disappoint! The artwork is beautiful, the colors are perfect. The plot is very much in line with the original TV show; it’s a sequel of the show, with the same characters, and of course Actarus and the team.

Check it out if you get the chance!

The case for native handling of Fediverse actions

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a new feature we added to the Jetpack plugin: a “Share to Mastodon” button.

Nice, right? Mastodon is getting more and more popular, and it makes sense to let your readers easily share your content with their community of friends, wherever that community may live.

Here is the thing though: Mastodon is just one service among many, a software used to host a decentralized social network. That network, also known as the Fediverse, isn’t just a group of Mastodon servers: it’s a federated network of hundreds of servers. Each one of those servers may pick their own software, among the dozens of solutions currently available to interact with the federated network.

That diversity is a very important concept for the overall idea of a Fediverse. It allows for a wide variety of communities to thrive. Different software can cater to different interests, integrating features needed by each community. If video is your media of choice, a video platform can be born. If your community wants to communicate by sharing pictures, a new Instagram can rise. If you prefer to be part of a smaller community, software with adapted moderation tools can be built.

Ideally, I would have wanted to develop a “Share to the Fediverse” button and not a “Share to Mastodon” button; that would have been useful to more people.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on what you’re looking for), each Fediverse service is different, and each one comes with a different feature set.

Some, like Mastodon, include a fully-fledged web interface. This is why it is possible to implement a “Share to Mastodon” button. Its interface includes a /share route that allows you to pre-fill a message input from.

Others, like GoToSocial (that’s the service I personally use) are mostly headless services; the only way to compose your toots is to use a third-party client like Tusky, elk.zone, or Semaphore.

That stops us from easily implementing a “Share to Fediverse” button, since there is no single common way to post something to the Fediverse.

What if such an option existed?

On Repeat Today: Smoke Miash, Timewarp inc

Here is a nice 8 minutes of downtempo for your Friday afternoon. Enjoy!

Code Reviews: credit your reviewers

A few months ago, I published The Power of a Conversational Code Review Culture. I talked about the importance of being generous with your code examples. Using GitHub’s built-in suggestions or posting diffs with the changes you have in mind go a long way towards helping the Pull Request’s author. It makes it easier for them to understand your suggestion, and include it in their code.

If you’re the reviewer and you already do this, kudos to you! Today I’d like to focus on the point of view of the Pull Request author.

Splendor Marvel

My wife and I are big Splendor fans, so we wanted to try the Marvel themed spinoff. I’m a Marvel fan so that seemed like a no-brainer.

After playing, we were not impressed. The original is better.

How to add a Mastodon icon to your WordPress site

Following yesterday’s post, I’d like to do a bit of a follow-up. Sometimes you “just” want to add a Mastodon icon to your site, linking to your Mastodon profile:

I have one just like that on my home page, alongside my other Social Media links.

In this post, I’ll cover 3 different ways to add such an icon to your site.

Share your blog posts on Mastodon with Jetpack

After dipping my toes into the Fediverse for the past few months, I wanted the Jetpack plugin to be there to help bloggers who wanted to interact more with the Fediverse on their sites.

Jetpack includes Sharing buttons that can be handy for your readers to quickly share your posts to their Social Network of choice ; adding a Mastodon button seemed like a no-brainer!