GitHub Actions: build your own JavaScript action — part 1

If you work on GitHub, you’ll know GitHub Actions are powerful; they’re a great way to automate some of the tasks you regularly do in your repository.

GitHub introduced a marketplace where you can find actions for just about everything. This is a great way to get started with actions, see how useful they can be for your own projects.

In this series of posts, I’d like to go a bit further. We’ll be creating our own action to fit our exact needs. We’ll develop it within our existing repository, using JavaScript and GitHub’s own Actions Toolkit.

On Repeat Today: Os Tincoãs, Deixa A Gira Girar (j g b remix)

Here is a nice remix to start your day! The rhythms and the vocals are just superb!

On Repeat Today: Moon (And It Went Like), Kid Francescoli

I can’t get this one out of my head today. You’ll most likely recognize it, as it’s often used as background music in videos. That’s definitely some good music to have on a loop.

(Yes, I do realize that most of my past songs of choice are kind of the same earworms: “Look Look“, “Zoom Zoom“, and now “Hmm Hmm“)

On Repeat Today: Zoom Zoom, Polo & Pan

Enjoy today’s house / electro selection:

On Repeat Today: Ena-N, Version-N Project #1

If you’re a fan of MPC, and older classic beats… Enjoy!

Also make sure to check his SoundCloud, where he’s got other great mixes.

On Repeat Today: The Look, Metronomy

As I’ve been repeating all day, “look look”. Enjoy.

2021 in TV shows

Just like every year, I like to take a look at all the time I’ve wasted spent watching TV last year.

On Repeat Today: A New Error, Moderat

I’ve posted about Apparat before. Moderat is a collaboration between Apparat and Modeselektor, and it’s just as good. Enjoy!

The Power of a Conversational Code Review Culture

Let’s talk a bit about a big part of my job today. I currently work at Automattic where I help maintain the Jetpack plugin. I spend most of my day on GitHub, where I guide others as they contribute changes. I spend more time reviewing others’ code than writing my own these days. And that’s okay! I enjoy it a lot. Let me tell you a bit more about my code reviewing process. Let me know what you think about it, and don’t hesitate to share your own experiences and tips in the comments!

On Repeat Today: The Ocean, Clinton Shorter

I’m a fan of The Expanse, and today I’m listening to the soundtrack on a loop. :) Just like the show, the soundtrack really grew on me over time. This track in particular was really nice: