Marvel’s Jessica Jones — another Marvel show on Netflix

Did you enjoy Marvel’s Daredevil? You might be interested in Marvel’s Jessica Jones!

I must say I really like seeing Marvel exploring with side stories like this. I enjoyed Agent Carter last year, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. gets better with every season.

This new show seems to be as dark as Daredevil, and since it’s on Netflix I can binge watch it and be done with it quickly. Perfect 😊

Every. Single. Time

Do you live outside the US? Then you know the story.

  1. Hear about a great new service / app. Today’s example:
    YouTube Music is here, and it’s a game changer.
  2. Click on the link to try it out.

YouTube Music

When will that change? When will we finally enter that Internet world where online services aren’t stopped by borders?

Kaleidoscope — Red Bull reinvents the BMX video

It’s always great to see Red Bull give Carte Blanche to one of the riders they sponsor. It gives birth to really original videos.

After Danny MacAskill 2 years ago, Red Bull picked another Scott, Kriss Kyle, for their latest BMX video. The results are just out of this world!

It’s not just BMX, it’s a really creative use of visual effects and colors, combined with crazy lines… Even if you’re not into BMX, you’ll love it!

If you’re interested in the making of, check Kaleidoscope’s website.

Jetpack: redirect your subscribers to a Thank You page

Jetpack includes a Subscriptions module that makes it easy for your readers to subscribe to your site, and then receive email or Reader notifications for each one of the posts you publish on your site.

Your readers can use a Subscription widget to subscribe to your site. You can see how it looks on this very site (oh, and subscribe if you haven’t already 😊 ).

By default, when submitting your email address into the form, the page reloads and success message appears instead of the email form. However, starting with Jetpack 3.8, you can now redirect your subscribers to a specific page on your site instead. It could be a “Thank You” page, it could be a little explanation of what they need to do to confirm their subscription, … That’s up to you.

To create that redirection, you can use the new jetpack_subscriptions_form_submission action, like so:

 * Redirect all successful subscription submissions to a 'thank-you' page
function jeherve_custom_sub_redirect_page( $result ) {
	if ( 'success' === $result ) {
		$thanks_page = 'thank-you';
		wp_safe_redirect( $thanks_page );
add_action( 'jetpack_subscriptions_form_submission', 'jeherve_custom_sub_redirect_page' );

Place that code in a functionality plugin, and you’re all set!

WordPress Security — WPBudapest meetup

Another month, another #wpbudapest meetup! If you live in Budapest and like WordPress, you should join us next time!

This month, we talked about security and I volunteered to give a talk to outline some basic WordPress security principles. You’ll find my slides below, as well as an outline of my talk with some links, and a small screencast of me going through my talk. Our meetup location is quite dark so I opted to record myself at home instead; it’s a good way to practice! :)

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An experiment with the WP REST API and Jetpack’s REST API

A few months ago, I set to learn more about the differences between Jetpack’s REST API and the WP REST API plugin. Both projects are very interesting for the future of WordPress, as they allow third-party apps and services to interact with WordPress.

I consequently developed a little plugin using both APIs: REST API Post Embeds.

Learn more about the plugin

Omelette aux gaufres, ou gaufres aux omelettes ?

Le weekend dernier, j’ai décidé d’essayer quelque chose de nouveau pour le petit déjeuner. Inspiré par ma collègue Karen, j’ai décidé de préparer une omelette, avec des saucisses de Strasbourg et des tomates,  et de les cuisiner dans notre moule à gaufres. J’ai ajouté un peu de lait à mon omelette pour avoir plus de gaufres, préparé mon gaufrier, et voilà !

Le résultat n’était pas trop mal ! Ca gonfle vraiment bien dans le gaufrier, et ça permet de saupoudrer d’autres choses sur les gaufres dès qu’elles sont prêtes. Cette semaine, nous avons essayé le fromage râpé et le basilic. :)

Petit inconvénient cependant : huilez-bien votre gaufrier entre chaque tournée, sinon ça va coller !



GitHub Desktop: time to reconsider my GitHub workflow?

I’ve learnt to use Git in the terminal, and until now I’ve been perfectly happy with my workflow.

I might slowly move to the GitHub app, though: the new GitHub Desktop app allows you to create Pull Requests right from the app!


Give me the option to add labels right from the app, and I’ll be sold!

If you use regularly, and if it’s been a while since you played with the app, give it another try; you might be happily surprised!

What are you telling me, Facebook?