Xtreme One, a new WordPress theme framework

Starting today, the guys behind WPengineer blog are launching their own WordPress framework, Xtreme one.

Yet another theme framework, will you say. And this one will cost you $79,95. That’s enough to make me wonder if this is worth it. This video answers a few questions:

The framework seems to include powerful features, and be usable by any user. Other theme frameworks have been oriented to developers, this one seems to target end users directly. A different choice, one that may actually turn many developers away.

But you can go have a look for yourselves right now, and make your own opinions. To celebrate the launch, you can get a 10% discount by using the coupon LAUNCH.


AskIt, another way to use your favourite CMS

For those of you who still doubted that WordPress was a true CMS, and not just a blogging platform, here is another proof: Elegant themes, the now weel-known cheap WordPress theme marketplace, released a new theme based on a simple idea: you ask questions, your readers can reply.

Yahoo Answers on your own website

This Yahoo answers-like theme allows users to reply, but also to vote for their favourite answer, and their favourite commenter. As usual with the themes from Nich Roach, AskIt comes in different flavours with seven unique color schemes.

Demo / Buy the theme ($39 for this theme plus the 48 others available to all club members)

Introducing Ecommerce Plex, a new WP marketplace

Templatic has been a good source for WordPress themes in the past year, and has grown as a respected marketplace in the community.

Today, they get bigger and announce a new fork of their company, dedicated to e-commerce. And to support them in the development of their themes, they introduced Tung Do, aka Small Potato, as part of their new team.

Introducing Ecommerce Plex and A New Addition to Our Team | Templatic.

Small Potato will have some work to do, between his involvment with DevPress and this new job! :)

Theme Finder: browse WordPress themes easily

WpCandy introduced a nice new project yesterday: a list of themes displayed visually for you to browse and choose without having to google and search through hundreds of websites. A great idea, worth having a look!

Introducing Theme Finder: find WordPress themes visually | WPCandy.

Useful tool for all WordPress coders: the CSS Parser

The WordPress CSS coding standards request that CSS used in themes and plugins comply to a specific format. By entering your CSS into the form and clicking the “Format CSS” button, you can have it automagically converted to match most of the WordPress coding standards format. A great tool that everyone should use before to submit their themes to the official WordPress directory.

via WordPress CSS Parser.

Turn WordPress Into a Ticketing System

Leland introduces us with a new WordPress theme, taking advantage of the custom post types introduced with WordPress 3.0, in order to turn your install into a fully functionning ticketing system.

I am personnally really curious to try this out. Combine it with a plugin like Subscribe2 to send out email for every ticket update, and you’ve got yet another original use of your favourite blogging software!

Quality Control Theme – Turn WordPress Into a Ticketing System | Theme Lab.

Geolocalisation WordPress themes emerge

We have seen more and more new kinds of WordPress themes lately, as original as the imagination of the developers was. But for a few months, and with the development of services like Foursquare and Facebook places, teams like Woothemes and now Templatic have starting working on geolocation-based WordPress themes.

And today comes a new theme from Templatic, grouping lots of geographic location features: Geo Places

Map features into a WordPress theme

Geoplaces allows you to integrate maps, user reviews, contact info for places, and nearby locations. In my opinion, we have got another proof of how powerful WordPress can be if used properly!

WordPress themes review: issue 2

Last week I started a new series here on WereWP, a list of the best WordPress themes releases (at least the ones I like!). Well there were quite a few good news since the first issue of WordPress themes review, so here comes the second round!


Still looking for Christmas presents?

Are you ready with all your christmas presents? Have you thought of buying yourself a good Premium theme for Christmas? We have seen together that there are quite a few good ones out there, but you do not feel ready to spend much money on a WordPress theme? Well it seems that you were a good boy or girl this year, because Santa Claus has something for you!

WordPress themes review: issue 1

While everyone is waiting for the final release of WordPress 2.7 (Release Candidate 2 was released today), first planned for November and now turning to be more like a Christmas present, there are lots of new interesting themes being released. You may have heard of some of them, but here is a small overview of the latest ones you have probably not heard of!