WP Troubleshooting : solve your WordPress problems thanks to video tutorials

If you browse the WordPres.org forums from time to time, you wil quickly realize that some questions keep coming back, and the solutions proposed are often similar. “Check your plugins”, “Do you have access to FTP?”, …

WPtroubleshooting proposes clear and easy answers to all these questions, through video tutorials.

We talked about WPQuestions a while ago; it aimed to help users solve “beyond-codex” issues. With his new service, Neil Matthews will help other users, who have different needs and who need answers to these simple questions.

It is sometimes so much easier to explain something in a video rather than in a long post, or a forum thread. Neil understood that, and created WPtroubleshooting for that purpose. You have made a few changes in your theme and your website now displays only a blank page? You activated that plugin and you can’t access your dashboard anymore? WPtroubleshooting gives you an easy way to fix that fast.

So far only a few videos have been added, but some more are on their way. I will stay posted, and this can be an quick and interesting way to quickly troubleshoot a WordPress installation.