A new WordPress project: WP Framework

The end of 2008 looks promising! We have talked about Brian Gardner’s project, planned for November, we have talked about all the Theme clubs that are getting more and more popular. And now a new project comes out, and seems promising for the coming months: I am talking about WP Framework.

WP Framework is a “blank” WordPress theme. Rather than setting up the same files and folders for every WordPress project you start, why not having a standard base to build all WordPress related projects off of? Here is a bit more explanation from Ptah Dunbar, WP Framework creator. In a nutshell, you can download a theme with lots of room for customizations but no CSS styles. The theme by itself is still at 0.1 version but it will get more and more customized in the future. There were other initiatives in that area before (see Starkers for example) but I think this one is the most advanced. And according to the website’s forum, Small Potato is back. he is a moderator on the website… That can only mean good things, don’t you think?

I will personally follow up this initiative, it could turn out to be a great solution for WordPress future projects!

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