WP App Store has launched

Until recently, promoting Premium plugins was not an easy task. While new theme shops appear every month, paid plugin services are not so common.

Things might change though: a new service was launched today, called WP App Store.

After the Jetpack plugin, and more recently the WooDojo plugin, it seems that “container” plugins are becoming a new way to market your products to WordPress users.

Free and easy to install, these plugins are an easy way to get your foot through the door; once the plugin is installed, the user can activate as many features as he wants, and in the case of WP App store, he can purchase themes and plugins without leaving his dashboard.

I would have one suggestion though.

Enabling end-users to find themes and plugins without having to deal with FTP is great.
But wouldn’t it be great to find these new plugins in the Plugins menu, under a new tab? That would make things even easier for new WordPress users: once you have installed WP App Store plugin, you have one more plugin download option!

What do you think of WP App Store, and what’s your take on these new “Container” plugins?

One reply on “WP App Store has launched”

I tried WP App Store plugin and its really innovative…