WordPress themes review: issue 2

Last week I started a new series here on WereWP, a list of the best WordPress themes releases (at least the ones I like!). Well there were quite a few good news since the first issue of WordPress themes review, so here comes the second round!



You may remember elegantthemes.com from last week : a small theme club proposing great and original themes. Turns out a new theme is out! Coldstone is a new theme quite multifunctional. With three different post layouts (blog, magazine, business) it can fit to everybody. If you have a look at all the small details added to the theme (widgetized areas, drop-down menus), that makes it a really good theme !




This one is not as new as the others in this review but very interesting: if you own a portfolio or photo website Modularity is a great choice thanks to a big centered image navigation panel. With more options for your photos and videos it has to be counted within the best portfolio WordPress themes. This theme is Premium and will cost you 75$.



Revolution Vert theme

Well I may be a bit early with this one, it is not released yet. However Jason Schuller talked about it on his personal blog and even offered us a demo version! From what you can see it looks like a great theme already, another one among Portfolio or photo WordPress themes. So be ready! Within a few weeks we should be able to download it for free at revolutiontwo.om!



Leviathan and Old School

I have already talked about the Hybrid Framework WordPress theme: a good iniative from Justin tadlock and a reference for the future in my opinion. From a parent theme composed of 13 page templates, you can build your own child theme very easily. While there was child theme released with the first versions of Hybrid, Justin now seems to focus on that and released two different child themes these last weeks: Old School and Leviathan. Apart from being two good WordPress themes they can also be used as a reference to build your own personal child theme. I consequently advise you to have a look, the possibilities of the Hybrid framework are really amazing!


These two themes show a good example of how Justin has helped the WordPress community since last year. He keeps trying new things and showing the way to many other WordPress developers. His latest decision to release ALL his themes as GPL will certainly make some noise within the community, as his Options and Structure themes were already important themes.

So go on Justin, WordPress fans are watching you!

Personally that’s all for the second issue of WordPress themes review, and hopefully I will have new themes to introduce new week, even in this calm Christmas period! tell me what you think of these 2 first issues or subscribe to the RSS feed for more!

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