WordPress themes review: issue 1

While everyone is waiting for the final release of WordPress 2.7 (Release Candidate 2 was released today), first planned for November and now turning to be more like a Christmas present, there are lots of new interesting themes being released. You may have heard of some of them, but here is a small overview of the latest ones you have probably not heard of!

One of the advantages of the WordPress community is its size of course. There is always somebody out there who has already had the very same problem you are facing now and who shared his solution to it. However when it comes to WordPress themes, how do you manage to keep posted about the real good themes being released among the dozens (that’s my guess!) of new themes released every day? I sometimes happen to discover an outstanding theme that was released like two months before I find it out!

What I can propose is a regular post about the latest WordPress theme releases and let you know about the news you should not miss! Depending on the volume of themes it will be either weekly or monthly. So here is my first WordPress themes review!

Color Paper

Color Paper is one of the themes released regularly by Smashing Magazine. Along with Agregado and Infinity, a really good Personal Blog design.


Video Game WordPress themes are definitely not common on the net. But here is a quality premium theme that definitely worth its price if you are into video games and want to start your own blog! This theme is actually available by signing up to Elegant Themes club, so you would have access to other quality WordPress themes. Here below are a few other examples of what you can find on Elegant Themes.


Available in three different color schemes Lightsource is clean and integrates a Lifestream plugin a bit similar to Agregado.


Lately a few Video WordPress themes have been released and present interesting features for Video bloggers or Cinema fans. That is the case with eVid. There are very few other great video themes out there, and most of them were actually released by Jason Schuller, now running Revolutiontwo.com with Brian Gardner. One of them (RevolutionTV) is now available for free at Revolutiontwo.com. Otherwise you can contact Jason directly if you are interested in any of his other themes below:

This last one is actually my favourite, you can see it live at TrailerFlick.com. By the way Jason is looking for a new owner

Jin V2

Another magazine WordPress theme that got lost among all the others; a pity because this theme truly deserves to be well known.

I will finish this review with two more themes coming from the brand new premiumthemes.com, a new website proposing you to buy and sell WordPress themes. Have a look at it, the admins really choose the cream of the themes for us!

Do you have any suggestions for the next review; themes, additional information you would like to see here? Please let me know in the comments! And in order to keep updated about the next review, Subscribe to the feed!

6 replies on “WordPress themes review: issue 1”

Hey there. Thank you for your kind comments about Jin v2. Since I continuously update all of my free Wordpres Templates, hopefully it will become one of the ‘well known’ templates. It’s had thousands of downloads, but not a lot of mention. This has slowly started to change though thanks to websites like yours. Thank you.