WordPress 2.9 is out!

Just for the week end, and right before Christmas, Automattic makes us a great present, with the release of WordPress 2.9!

We have been talking about 2.9 for a while now, if you followed that blog, you got to know some of the new features that will come with that release, but here is a small selection of articles in case you would want a quick summary:

WordPress 2.9, oh so fine

  • Announcement from Matt

Sidebar (widget area) descriptions in WordPress 2.9

  • Justin Tadlock describes the latest widget area description abilities of WordPress 2.9

Geeky bits in WordPress 2.9

  • Joost de Valk talks about the hidden secrets of 2.9!

Everything you need to know about WordPress 2.9’s post image feature

  • Justin Tadlock explains us all about the post image feature

The Ultimative Guide For the_post_thumbnail In WordPress 2.9

  • Michael Preuss describes us what we can do with the new post_thumbnail function

WordPress 2.9 Packs in Loads of Features: Hands-on Review

  • Keith Dsouza makes a tour of all 2.9 features

Version 2.9

  • From the official codex page, all changes of WP 2.9

So, Enjoy this new WordPress version, and do not hesitate to give your feedback after you installed. I have just made the switch here, and somehow I fell like the blog is a bit faster than before. Maybe it is a just a feeling that I have though, so let me know if you realize the same for your own blog!