Which Plugins would you include into WordPress core?

Two days ago, Kyle Eslick wrote an article about useful WordPress plugins that he would like to see included into WordPress. Then Mayank from Blog Design Studio did the same and added a few plugins to the list.

It reminded me of my article about the 10 mandatory plugins for a good WordPress start. What if these plugins were to be included into WordPress?

Some may say that by adding more and more features we will end up with a bloated and inefficient WordPress. I totally agree with that: WordPress is known as a do-it-yourself software for everybody. You should always be able to use it normally and it should stay as light as possible. After all WordPress was built as a blogging software and it should that way even if it has so many CMS possibilities.

Still there are some plugins out there that are used by almost everyone because they are the key to go from a basic WordPress installation to a complete and running blogging software.

Here below are the list made by Kyle and then by Mayank:

1. All-in-One SEO Pack

2. Google XML Sitemaps 

3. No Self Pings 

4. Popularity Contest

5. Database Manager


1. WP Super Cache

2. WPvideo

3. Similar Posts

4. cforms

5. WordPress Newsletter Plugin


I am happy to see we all value the very same plugins as part of our core installation! So here is my personal list, based on my personal usage and as you will see quite similar to Kyle’s and Mayank’s.

1. I definitely think that All In One SEO Pack needs to be included. That is THE SEO plugin you need for your website.

2. The Google XML Sitemaps plugin is as important as the first one and should be included as well.

3. Then I would include a security plugin such as WP-DB Backup that allows me to manage and schedule database backups on a regular basis. I did not know about Database Manager but I will give it a try.

4. After optimization and security, a social plugin could be useful. As social bookmarking websites keep growing up I think they have become tools used by everybody and one should be able to find social-related options when he installs WordPress. Sociable is in my opinion the perfect plugin for that, though there are many others this one stays simple and supports a lot of different social bookmarking websites already.

5. WordPress Automatic upgrade is so easy to use and would be useful for every user I think. If people do not like to play with ftp softwares, do not read WordPress news that often, what is better than offering them a software that updates by itself.

So here are my five plugins. of course depending on the use you make of WordPress it can be completely different, so do not hesitate to share it with us in the comments!

2 replies on “Which Plugins would you include into WordPress core?”

Here’s my take on what I think should be included in the package:

  1. Platinum SEO
  2. WP DB Backup
  3. Google XML
  4. Threaded Comment
  5. Dofollow/Nofollow


Jeremy says:

Well, WordPress team has already heard you, threaded comments will be included with WordPress 2.7!