Want to receive feedback on the quality of your theme/plugin?

If you have ever downloaded plugins from the WordPress repository, you know that their quality varies a lot. That’s why it is a good practice to use plugins that were developed by well-known and respected plugin authors, and/or that have been downloaded a lot already: you know that the code has been reviewed, that the users before you have found bugs if there are any, and you can get a pretty good idea of the overall quality of the plugin by just looking at the open forum topics.

But what if, as a plugin author, you could add a stamp, a “certified” mention that would indicate that your plugin or theme was carefully tested? And as a user, wouldn’t it be reassuring to see that the code you are about to install on your site has been tested?

While the official theme repo already has its own Theme review team (with great guys in charge, and you can join them), that is something that does not exist for plugins.

Introducing a theme and plugin review service

That’s where DevPress comes in. Aside from their Theme club, they have decided to start a theme and plugin review service. The system seems quite simple: you upload your theme/plugin, pay, and a ticket is opened on DevPress where the team will come back to you with their remarks and feedback.

While the prices and conditions are not decided yet, I think it would be a useful service for those of us who want to get an external point of view on our code, or a second opinion before to launch a plugin. However, the price itself will play a big role in the success of their product. Indeed, while it might be worth to pay for a review when you sell your theme or plugin, people will probably think twice before to pay for a plugin they will release for free to the repo afterwards.

On the other hand, if the DevPress team makets it well, and if you can advertize that your plugin has passed the review afterwards, your plugin might draw more attention, since it is “endorsed” by popular WordPress developers!

What do you think about it? Will you be trying this service when it will come out?

Source: Launching a theme and plugin review service.

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