Uninstall Chrome’s “Live HTTP Headers” Right Now

Do you use Google Chrome and the Live HTTP Headers extension? Uninstall it! ?

I’m very¬†careful with the things I install on my computer, and the extensions I used in Google Chrome, my browser of choice.

Unfortunately, it seems that an extension I installed a long time ago, “Live HTTP Headers“, is now used to insert a random JavaScript file on all the sites you visit. That file will randomly generate an ad pop-up on any site, using the asgds_modal ID. That’s pretty bad. ?

If you use that extension, you’ll want to deactivate it right now!

It took me a little while to figure out where that pop-up was coming from, as the extension name hadn’t changed. The only tip was that the JavaScript file would sometimes return a 404, thus generating an error in my browser console. That led me to look at the Extension page in the Chrome store, only to realize the extension had already been removed from the store. That’s great, but¬†it’d be great if they also removed the app from all browsers using it!

I’m now back to using the Network tab of the Developer tools for that kind of work, unless some of you know of a good extension I could use?

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Ha! Thanks – just found this searching for “asgds_modal” after it popped up on apple.com. Live HTTP Headers was the culprit.

That’s a very good question. It doesn’t seem to be from the same author, so I’d assume you’re okay.

I installed the add-on in Firefox, and couldn’t see the JavaScript file loaded on any page, so it looks fine to me.

Thanks for tip! Also found this by googling “asgds_modal” after a few popups today

They actually are removing the extension from browsers that have it installed. As of at least right now, Chrome will automatically permanently disable the extension and pop up a malware warning. So, good news. Also, bummer, that used to be such a good tool.