Typechart, choose your font in live and download CSS

Typechart helps you choose your blog font
Typechart helps you choose your blog font

Tired of testing dozens of fonts on your blog without knowing which one to choose? It is always difficult to choose the good font, the good size, the good style. Luckily Typechart does it for you!

Personnally I never knew how to choose a good font for my websites. I always feel like “hostage” of the font I choose. Somehow every font carries its own image: classic, young, original, tech-savvy… Some people can describe pretty well these ideas we have for every common font. Then it is the job of developer to find out the font fitting with image that we want to give to the website. Not always that easy, but Typechart will help with that. You can also find a selection of useful links about typography.

I personnally advise you for further analysis.