TV Series: This Is Us

If you follow this blog, you know I watch quite a bit of TV series. My wife and I watch a lot of science-fiction but sometimes we need something different; you can’t just watch one post-apocalyptic series after another, you need something a bit more positive and less dark from time to time. :)

This Is Us is perfect for that.

There are tons of light comedies one can watch. Modern Family, The Good Place, and Superstore are on our schedule every week.

This Is Us is no comedy. I guess it’s more of a family drama. It is a mix of 4 stories: a couple raising their 3 kids in the eigthies, and the same 3 kids 30 years later, with their own family, their life, their troubles. The show uses flashbacks nicely to tie the stories together but the original couple isn’t just there to fill in the blanks; they get their own story.

The drama touches on important topics: we see how death impacts our characters. We see the struggles the original couple faces when raising triplets, including an adopted child. We see the struggles of this kid as a black child in a white family, and as an adult in our society. We see the struggles of an overweight woman. This is certainly no light TV show: it’s in fact a rollercoaster of emotions and the show plays a lot on that.

If you’re looking for a different family show, something that will make you smile, cry, laugh, and think, all within 40 minutes, give This Is Us a try: you will be happily surprised.

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you can’t just watch one post-apocalyptic series after another

So true. We’re still recovering here from the first two seasons of The 100.