TV Series: The Expanse

Discover The Expanse, a great Sci-Fi show.

Do you like Space Operas? Did you enjoy Battlestar Galactica? The Expanse is for you!

If you liked Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica, you’ll like The Expanse.

The series starts 200 years in the future. Humanity has managed to develop a new type of fusion drive, the Epstein Drive. It allowed them to travel faster in space and thus colonize the whole Solar System. That colonization introduced 3 factions:

  • Earthers, born and living on Earth, enjoying the privilege of living on a planet with air, oceans, and not realizing the chance they have.
  • Martians, born on a lifeless rock, Earth’s first colony, and working hard to transform it into a beautiful planet.
  • Belters, living on space stations in the Asteroid belt or on some of the outer planets and moons of the Solar System. They struggle every day, are considered as worthless people by both Earthers and Martians, although their work provides both planets with important resources. They also don’t have anyone to represent them well and lead them.

This conflict serves as a great backdrop for our main story. We discover the main characters as they witness an event that could be the spark that launches an open war between Earth and Mars. The show doesn’t take a side and offers us a view into every faction’s motives and struggles.

Obviously it takes a while to build such a detailed and intricate plot. In the show’s 2 seasons you need a few episodes to really get into the story. That’s probably the biggest problem with The Expanse; it can feel slow at times. It’s worth it though. Once the pieces start falling together it’s a great story!

Acting is good, too; everyone on the Rocinante has an important role on the team and all actors play their role perfectly. They bond well together, and I can’t wait to see Bobbie Draper interact with all of them. I’ve really enjoyed how her character has grown this season.

It’s not all action, though; Ambassador Avasarala brings some depth to the overall story, and she has some great lines :).

To top it all, the visuals are stunning. The ships (inside and outside), the suits, the tech, … I love it!

Battlestar Galactica was amazing from the start; I still remember 33, the show’s pilot. It was a great way to introduce us to the world and the characters of BSG. The show then stayed great for a few seasons and kind of spiraled out of control towards the end. The Expanse is the opposite: it had a very slow start. Once you’re into it though, it’s a great show! I would strongly recommend it. Just make sure you don’t give up on it too fast; give it time :)