TV Series: The Good Fight

The Good Wife was one of my favourite TV shows. I liked the characters, the “case of the week”, the backstory, the little touches of humour here and there. When CBS announced that they were launching a spinoff, I was obviously very curious. As it turns out, they did a pretty good job with The Good Fight.

It’s hard to do good legal dramas, but The Good Wife nailed it. It used events and trends from the real world in almost every episode, making us feel more involved. The show talked about Social Media, Bitcoin, Anonymous, Google (renamed Chumhum and becoming a recurrent client during the show’s 7 seasons), without falling into stereotypes or getting it wrong all the time. It also touched on important events happening in the US; the NSA and its global surveillance program were mentioned more than once; the events in Ferguson triggered a few interesting episodes; and more. And on top of all that, The Good Wife was packed with great actors!

Its sequel (I say sequel, because it’s not really a spinoff; we stay in the same world, only a few months later) The Good Fight had big shoes to fill. But it worked! Most of the actors are back in their old role, and the show uses the recipes that worked in The Good Wife.

The opening of the pilot sets the tone right away; we see a familiar face from The Good Wife, Diane Lockhart, sitting on her couch in the dark, with a look of shock on her face as she watches Trump’s presidential inauguration. It’s interesting to see a show willing to tackle a topic like that right off the bat, and is the perfect introduction to Diane.

It doesn’t stop there though. This first season touched on other topics, like fake news, police brutality, ISIS, … All the while introducing new characters like Adrian Boseman, or letting previous characters like Lucca or Marissa really grow in their characters. I’m really happy that they both now have a central role to play in this story.

All in all, I really enjoyed this first season, and I can only recommend that you give it a try!

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I watched one episode of The Good Wife and thought it was pretty good. That’s on Netflix, must catch up… :)