TV: Prison Break is coming back

TV has changed a lot over the past 15 years. Shows are different, how we watch TV is different. 15 years ago, bingeing wasn’t a thing; very few shows had a real storyline, and the budget of prime time TV shows in general was quite low. There was HBO of course, but series like The Wire were the exception, not the norm. And then things changed. A few shows are directly responsible for making serialized TV series a thing. I think my generation will always remember Lost and 24, 2 of the first big shows that introduced us to good storytelling on TV. I personally became addicted to TV with 2 other shows: Heroes and Prison Break. I got hooked to TV with those 2 shows. And now, after 7 years, Prison Break is back!

I must say I wasn’t thrilled at first; reboots and sequels don’t often go well and the first trailer didn’t impress me. But the new trailer that was released yesterday is just what I’d like to see with a new season of Prison Break. My favorite characters are back (hello T-Bag!). In fact most of the team seems to be back. Most importantly, the new season seems to re-use some of the themes that made the first seasons of Prison Break so good. We want to see a Prison Break, after all! 🙂

I just hope they’ll introduce a good antagonist, someone that can match Scofield. I enjoyed the dynamics we had in the first Prison Break seasons, with Bellick, then Kellerman, then Mahone. Hopefully we’ll get something like that in Season 5, too!

But enough talking: all you want to see is the trailer, so here it is! 🙂

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