What are you watching this Fall?

What’s on TV this fall? ?


I watch TV. A lot. Fall is a always a nice time of the year for TV addicts like me because we get to discover new TV shows! Here is what we’re watching this Fall.

I’ll divide this list in 2 categories: new TV shows, and returning shows.

New TV Shows

Westworld is the big winner for me here. It was hard to find a trailer that doesn’t show too much and spoils the surprise though.

The idea is simple: a futuristic world, a Wild West Theme park populated by advanced androids, and guests paying big bucks to spend a few days in the park. What could possibly go wrong? ?

No Tomorrow. Enough with all the grim. Sometimes we don’t need stories of an¬†apocalyptic future. This light comedy is just good enough to relax a bit after a long day.

Timeless. Time travel; a group of people messing up with important events of our past; a woman, a black engineer, a troubled white army man united to find them.

It’s not a bad show!


Returning Shows

Humans. More dangerous robots! ? ¬†This time in the UK. Synths are robots, available to everyone, serving every need. They help around the house, do our jobs, … But what if some of them are inspiring to do more, be more like us? I really enjoy this show. Season 2 just started, and I’d highly recommend it.

Arrow, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. The teams are back. Not all the episodes and characters are great, but I like that the stories are linked with each other.

Blindspot. Back for a second season. This is just another “troubled cop has to team up with an unlikely partner” show. This time the twist is that the weekly cases are provided by tattoos on the unlikely partner’s body.


That’s mostly it. Would you recommend anything else? Let me know in the comments!