Turn WordPress Into a Ticketing System

Leland introduces us with a new WordPress theme, taking advantage of the custom post types introduced with WordPress 3.0, in order to turn your install into a fully functionning ticketing system.

I am personnally really curious to try this out. Combine it with a plugin like Subscribe2 to send out email for every ticket update, and you’ve got yet another original use of your favourite blogging software!

Quality Control Theme – Turn WordPress Into a Ticketing System | Theme Lab.

4 replies on “Turn WordPress Into a Ticketing System”

Hi Jeremy , I reached to your website by following a link and was quite impressed with the simple layout and great content that you have. Only issue is it is giving horizontal scroll in my wide monitor (in 1440×900 resolution!). Second – the fonts look somewhat crooked and jaggy. Any solution for this?

Anyways the info about converting wordpress into ticketing system sounds interesting. Lemmi get more of it….thanks for sharing.

Jeremy says:

Thanks for your feedback and the kind words! The design is brand new, I still have a few things to fix here and there: the horizontal scroll is one of them indeed. As for the fonts, I am testing the integration of Google fonts into a design. On my machine it looks just fine (Mac OS). Could you let me know about your OS details? I may have to change my font stack if it does not render well on all OS…

Abhijit V. Chaore says:

I wanted to send you the screenshot but there is no field for attachments. I use Windows XP. The screenshot would have given you a clear idea how it appears at my end.

Jeremy says:

You can drop me an email at contact [at] werewp.com! thanks!