The Revolution is here!

Last week I have been talking to you about the news coming up from Brian Gardner and Jason Schuller. This was planned for November, and well they are early and Revolution2 is here!

It was announced a few minutes ago on WPelements, Jason Schuller’s website that become famous with great Premium WordPress video themes (now available at This website is going to redirect directly to from the 1st of November, and we will be able to see Jason’s work in the future revolution WordPress themes releases. He already released Revolution TV, another great video WordPress theme!

You can also read more about Revolution two‘s launch at Brian Gardner’s blog.

So what’s new with Revolutiontwo?

Well, at first sight it is a new theme club, offering lots of different themes for a reasonable price ($99.95/year or $149.95/lifetime) regarding the quality of the designers and of the themes. But what’s different? All these themes are of premium quality, and they are made available under the open source/GPL license. With these themes a full support is given to the club members as well as all customizations and theme managing tutorials.

What does that mean for us?

According to Wikipedia, The terms and conditions of the GPL are available to anybody receiving a copy of the work that has a GPL applied to it (“the licensee”). Any licensee who adheres to the terms and conditions is given permission to modify the work, as well as to copy and redistribute the work or any derivative version. The licensee is allowed to charge a fee for this service, or do this free of charge.

From that point, I have to admit I do not completely understand it. At first thought I expected the themes to be released for free, with a possibility to become a club member and then receive support for the price of the membership.

But from what I have seen on Revolution Two, we pay for the themes but we can redistribute all what we bought for free? Am I right?

I guess I will keep posted and collect opinions about this “revolution”, this new concept. Starting by the numerous comments on Brian’s post announcing the idea. I guess the idea should not be that bad, coming from one of the main WordPress designers around!

A bit of taste of what’s coming for us?

Well, all the themes seem interesting, depending on what you plan to do on your blog, but I have spotted one, Black Canvas WordPress theme, a photography theme, but knowing the premium quality of the other themes, I am curious to see what the theme options are, and I am pretty sure this will become a famous theme, one of the best among Photography themes today.

To conclude, I would say the revolution is definitely here! It shows once more that Premium WordPress themes were not the best solution, but theme clubs would certainly be much better. This one is new, and I wish good luck to it! I will keep checking it in the coming weeks as I am sure that great quality themes will be released!


I have just found out that it is possible to download the themes for free, without the support of course. That was in grey at the bottom the theme pages, I did not see it before. That means you can try the themes if you wish to, and then get an account if you want to get to know all the possibilities of the theme you downloaded! Even better! Congratulations Brian and Jason!

What are you waiting for now?


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