How to: add Tumblr functionnalities to your blog

A few weeks ago, I introduced the WooTumblog plugin developed by Woothemes and their iPhone application, Express App.

Since this plugin only works with compatible themes, you may have turned down that possibility altogether. However, the Wooteam has made it really easy to adapt your theme to use the plugin. A few lines of code to edit, and you’re ready to micro-blog!

The article below details all the necessary steps to adapt your theme.

How To Create A Tumblr-Like Blog Using WordPress.

Today in WordPress world – 12/02

  • the Woothemes team has been a major player in the premium theme Market for mote than a year. They have shown us how great their skills were, and they have trully made some innovation in their themes. And today, one of their latest developments will be patched into the next wordpress release. I think that shows how commuted adii and his team are to wordpress, and they deserve their reputation of today. Thank you, guys
  • Nick La has been away from the WordPress news for too long! You may know some of the beautiful themes he used for his personal pages, you may also know some of the themes he has released in the past. Now he is back with a new free WordPress theme, directly inspired by the Apple notes app!

Today in WordPress world – 01/10

WordPress news

  • It’s undeniable that all of us have important women in our lives, without whom life just wouldn’t be as awesomeDuring the month of October, woothemes will be donating a percentage of their proceeds to a local South African breast cancer charity.:
    – 20% of total sales of any of our Business themes;
    – 100% of the sales of two new themes (to be released in October) which have been designed by top female designers – Veerle Pieters & Sarah Parmenter.

Discussion about future of Free WordPress themes

  • Alex Denning over at WPShout brings up an interesting point in his post titled Free WordPress Themes? Forget it. It’s Over. Basically, he argues that free WordPress themes aren’t getting the love and attention they used to, mostly due to commercial themes taking all the spotlight.And you, what do you think? Go give your opinion!

And a great article listing all 33 WordPress plugins you could use to enhancing commenting functions on your blog!

Today in WordPress world – 25/06

There are lots of things to say about WordPress today!

News First!

  • Yesterday we saw quite a bit of activity on twitter about a new theme company, yummthemes, coming as a competitor to woothemes and Thesis among others.
    One theme has been introduced so far, osea, and it seems interesting even if we have no notions about the price or the conditions attached to that theme coming up in the middle of July.
    However the landing page announcing this new theme club seems a bit wrong to me, simply because it shows other WordPress theme developers as competitors when the WordPress community tries to avoid such approach by linking to each other and maintaining good relationship between themselves.
    Here is the opinion of the guys from the Couch! Make sure you check the comments as well as yummthemes’ owner has expressed his opinion about all this!

Then some nice tutorials:

And a nice WordPress theme: