A new take on Sidebar management: save widgets as menus

If you experiment with themes, or switch themes often, you’ve probably experimented problems with widgets: you had lots of them in your sidebar, and they all get dragged into the “inactive” zone of your Widgets page. And you have to drag them back to your new widget area. Painful, especially when you have a lot of different widget areas.

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Today in WordPress world – 25/11

Today in WordPress world – 21/07

Widgets in WordPress 2.8

I have presented you a very complete tutorial about widgets a few weeks ago, but here are a few others to help you manage your widgets easily:

Manage your newsletters

Today in WordPress world – 25/06

There are lots of things to say about WordPress today!

News First!

  • Yesterday we saw quite a bit of activity on twitter about a new theme company, yummthemes, coming as a competitor to woothemes and Thesis among others.
    One theme has been introduced so far, osea, and it seems interesting even if we have no notions about the price or the conditions attached to that theme coming up in the middle of July.
    However the landing page announcing this new theme club seems a bit wrong to me, simply because it shows other WordPress theme developers as competitors when the WordPress community tries to avoid such approach by linking to each other and maintaining good relationship between themselves.
    Here is the opinion of the guys from the Couch! Make sure you check the comments as well as yummthemes’ owner has expressed his opinion about all this!

Then some nice tutorials:

And a nice WordPress theme: