Ubuntu: adjust your mouse settings

One of the things that bothered me when I switched to Ubuntu was the mouse: while the Mouse settings panel offered options to change the cursor speed, I couldn’t change the scroll wheel settings: I wanted it to be faster, and I wanted it to use Mac OS’ natural scrolling direction.

After a bit of googling, this specific answer helped me get this fixed.

First, you get a list of the different devices linked to your machine, then you check the settings for one of the devices (number 10 in my case), and use set-prop to customize a specific setting.

Changing from 1 to -1 got me the natural scrolling back. Victory!

xinput list
xinput list-props 10
xinput set-prop 10 'Evdev Scrolling Distance' -1 5 5

Now if only I could do something to get all my additional buttons back, that’d be great! :)

Today in WordPress world – 03/11

  • Here is a little function which automatically filters the content coming from the post. The results are amazing, htmLawed cleans and filters all the bad content and makes the pages validate again right away!
    This tip allows you to clean additional html added inside the posts when writing articles!

Today in WordPress world – 23/07



  • This plugin may not be useful to everyone as it can be rplaced by other methods that do not need a plugin for that, but for those of you who like plugins, and who are migrating pages from an old website, are changing the directory of your WordPress installation, or simply who manage affiliate links on your blog, it can be useful!


Today in WordPress world – 30/06

Today in WordPress world – 25/06

There are lots of things to say about WordPress today!

News First!

  • Yesterday we saw quite a bit of activity on twitter about a new theme company, yummthemes, coming as a competitor to woothemes and Thesis among others.
    One theme has been introduced so far, osea, and it seems interesting even if we have no notions about the price or the conditions attached to that theme coming up in the middle of July.
    However the landing page announcing this new theme club seems a bit wrong to me, simply because it shows other WordPress theme developers as competitors when the WordPress community tries to avoid such approach by linking to each other and maintaining good relationship between themselves.
    Here is the opinion of the guys from the Couch! Make sure you check the comments as well as yummthemes’ owner has expressed his opinion about all this!

Then some nice tutorials:

And a nice WordPress theme:

Today in WordPress world – 10/06