New theme, new logo, new PHP!

Fresh coat of paint for my blog: new theme, new logo, new version of PHP, and HTTP/2!

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WP App Store has launched

Until recently, promoting Premium plugins was not an easy task. While new theme shops appear every month, paid plugin services are not so common.

Things might change though: a new service was launched today, called WP App Store.
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Want to receive feedback on the quality of your theme/plugin?

If you have ever downloaded plugins from the WordPress repository, you know that their quality varies a lot. That’s why it is a good practice to use plugins that were developed by well-known and respected plugin authors, and/or that have been downloaded a lot already: you know that the code has been reviewed, that the users before you have found bugs if there are any, and you can get a pretty good idea of the overall quality of the plugin by just looking at the open forum topics.

But what if, as a plugin author, you could add a stamp, a “certified” mention that would indicate that your plugin or theme was carefully tested? And as a user, wouldn’t it be reassuring to see that the code you are about to install on your site has been tested?

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Peaxl, a new marketplace for Parent & Child WordPress themes

If you were looking for something new, and wanted to play with parent and child themes in WordPress, you will be happy to know that a new player has arrived in the WordPress themes market: Peaxl is a Swiss-based team composed of 3 web-designers, and they have chosen to approach the WordPress theme selling market in a different way.

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Wp Paintbrush, a free WordPress Frontend Editor

If you are looking for an easy way to create themes on the fly, without touching any code, you might want to try this new WordPress theme, WP Paintbrush.

Changes colors, fonts, structure within a few clicks and with a drag an drop interface, add a sidebar, all of this is possible thanks to this editor.

And best of all, the theme is available for free! Go download it, give it a try and give your feedback to the developers!

WordPress Frontend Editor | WP Paintbrush.

Discover the WordPress settings API

Theme options pages have become increasingly popular in WordPress themes in the past year. There are numerous tutorials that will teach you how to create that page, but not that many of them that explain you how to do it the right way, using the WordPress settings API.

Chip Bennett, member of the theme review team, has put together a great complete team on the best practices and the proper way to create such page, from backend to frontend.

If you want to create WordPress theme options pages, this is a must-read:

Incorporating the Settings API in WordPress Themes »

The state of WordPress themes in 2011

Predict the future is not an easy thing to do. Still, some famous theme developers have given it a try in the latest article of WPcandy blog:

The Future of WordPress Themes in 2011

There are some interesting ideas, make sure you take the time to read the whole article.

Personally, I think that the new features introduced with 3.0 et 3.1 will play a big role in the shape of the WordPress themes to come in the next few months: post formats and custom post types will allow the developers to come up with creative ideas and uses of WordPress. That will allow for really small niche themes, but also more classical personal blog themes and micro blogging tumblr-like things.

What’s your take on the subject? Let me know below, and we will meet each other next year to see who was right!

The Wooteam brings Tumblr functionnalities to your blog

In the past year, Tumblr has become a popular social network thanks to a couple of very simple, yet very useful features. These features have even pushed many bloggers to abandon WordPress for Tumblr.

But today, Woothemes changes the game (once again!)

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Introducing Ecommerce Plex, a new WP marketplace

Templatic has been a good source for WordPress themes in the past year, and has grown as a respected marketplace in the community.

Today, they get bigger and announce a new fork of their company, dedicated to e-commerce. And to support them in the development of their themes, they introduced Tung Do, aka Small Potato, as part of their new team.

Introducing Ecommerce Plex and A New Addition to Our Team | Templatic.

Small Potato will have some work to do, between his involvment with DevPress and this new job! :)

Theme Finder: browse WordPress themes easily

WpCandy introduced a nice new project yesterday: a list of themes displayed visually for you to browse and choose without having to google and search through hundreds of websites. A great idea, worth having a look!

Introducing Theme Finder: find WordPress themes visually | WPCandy.