How to: use a shortcode to display a message to RSS readers only

In his latest article, Konstantin demonstrates how to create a shortcode that is going to allow you to add a specific message to your feed readers only.

That’s a simple and easy way to customize your posts a bit more, and ask your RSS readers to come visit from time to time! :)

Snippet: A “Feed Only” Shortcode for WordPress.


How to: use shortcodes outside the Editor

We have already seen how powerful can shortcodes be. A good example was the integration of a tweet box in the content of your WordPress posts.

But what about the use of shortcodes outside of the editor? The guys at Wpengineer have prepared a simple tutorial to explain the use the of the do_shortcode function.

Use WordPress Shortcodes outside the Editor – Please Note, example-name, Shortcode, Editor, Custom, Field – WP Engineer.


How to: add a twitter dialog box anywhere on your blog

Update: Twitter Anywhere is now deprecated. You won’t be able to use the method described below to insert a Twitter dialog box in your posts. Please check Twitter’s announcement post for alternatives.

Twitter has become a very useful tool for all bloggers, and allows us to share and promote useful articles to fellow bloggers. Naturally, we have seen more and more twitter functions integrated into our blogs; the latest Official twitter button has even made it easier to integrate twitter buttons on your blog.

But what if you do not want of a standard twitter button, but rather of a new and easy way for your readers to contact you via twitter? Luckily, Twitter @anywhere is here for you, and in that tutorial, we will see how to easily integrate at twitter box to any part of your blog, thanks to this service and the WordPress shortcodes!


How to: integrate Facebook videos on your WordPress blog

Update: This is an old post. If you’d like to embed Facebook videos on your site, I’d suggest using a plugin like Jetpack and its Shortcodes module.

Facebook is getting more and more popular everywhere on the net. Thanks to the Like button and other Facebook plugins, we can now interact and share content directly from all kinds of websites to Facebook. But what about embedding videos from Facebook to your website?
We have discussed about the integration of the Open Graph and Facebook connect earlier on this blog, but today I would like to show you how to embed a Facebook video, without having to copy and paste lines of code into your editor.


Today in WordPress world – 29/09

There are a few good news and WordPress articles that were published today. The first and most important is the result of the WordPress plugin competition:

Elegant Themes also updated a part of its themes, with a new options panel, giving the occasion to 2 lucky Wprecipes readers to win club memberships:

  • The now well known Elegant themes releases a new option panel for a part of its themes: ePanel (that’s its name) has been integrated into the following themes: eNews, Bold, ePhoto, eBusiness, CherryTruffle and PureType. The panel itself is probably the most advances theme options panel I have seen for a WordPress theme: the design, the SEO options, the ad settings, … You can do everything from that panel!

Two great tutorials were also published today:

And I wanted to present you with a new WordPress cache plugin:

  • After Wp Super Cache, another great cache plugin:
    W3 Total Cache improves the user experience of your blog by caching every aspect of your site, reducing the download time of your theme and providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration.