Geolocalisation WordPress themes emerge

We have seen more and more new kinds of WordPress themes lately, as original as the imagination of the developers was. But for a few months, and with the development of services like Foursquare and Facebook places, teams like Woothemes and now Templatic have starting working on geolocation-based WordPress themes.

And today comes a new theme from Templatic, grouping lots of geographic location features: Geo Places

Map features into a WordPress theme

Geoplaces allows you to integrate maps, user reviews, contact info for places, and nearby locations. In my opinion, we have got another proof of how powerful WordPress can be if used properly!

Today in WordPress world – 10/04

  • For those of you looking for answers or help in the choice of a Premium theme framework, this article is a must. It does a complete review of the main Premium WordPress frameworks around, comparing them with each other on important metrics for all of us (Security, Database Calls, Stress test, SEO, …). Take the time to read that review till the end, there are lots of interesting things to be seen there!

Today in WordPress world – 07/04

  • This new theme transforms your WordPress install into a fully functional Ecommerce store complete with backend administration. Use wordpress to easily manage your store that sells Tangible or intangible/digital goods.
  • A few useful things to keep in mind when working with WordPress
  • Konstantin already did a great job explaining the rest of us how to start working with custom post types, but here is a more detailed article, with the source code to download for those of you working with WordPress 3.0 already! Thank you Konstantin!

Today in WordPress world – 15/10

  • Here is an impressive theme I discovered today: this WordPress theme is designed especially for online shops, with great thumbnail management and a really original homepage, that is definitely a big bonus for any ecommerce website. I would personnaly recommend it to anybody looking for a quality theme with an original yet useful design. Make sure you check it out!

Today in WordPress world – 23/07



  • This plugin may not be useful to everyone as it can be rplaced by other methods that do not need a plugin for that, but for those of you who like plugins, and who are migrating pages from an old website, are changing the directory of your WordPress installation, or simply who manage affiliate links on your blog, it can be useful!


Today in WordPress world – 09/06