On Repeat Today: Yonderboi

It’s been a while since I shared the music I listen to on a loop while working. Let’s get back on that horse! Today, Yonderboi, especially his “Splendid Isolation” album and the “All We Go to Hell” track.

Yonderboi, aka Fogarasi László, happens to be Hungarian so I got to listen to him live a couple of times. I couldn’t really describe the kind of music he produces, so I’ll just let you enjoy it!

Yes, while you’re at it, listen to the whole album. :)

On Repeat Today: The Celtic Social Club

The Celtic Social Club releases a new album today, A New Kind OF Freedom! If you like Celtic music or just want to discover a mix of traditional Breton, Irish, Scottish, Cornish, and Welsh songs, often with a twist of Rock, Blues, or even Reggae, you’ll want to listen to their new album! It’s available on iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Here is a live concert to give you a little intro. Enjoy!

On Repeat Today: Ghosting — Reimagining Miyazaki

I don’t know much about anime, but I’ve always really enjoyed Hayao Miyazaki’s films. Nausicaä, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Castle in the Sky, My Neighbor Totoro, are all films I want to show my daughter when she grows up. I like Miyazaki’s takes on the interactions between humans and nature, and his style in general.

So of course, when I discovered this mixtape with samples from all those movies, I jumped on it!


On Repeat Today: Luna — The Man Who Sold The World

I discovered Luna Lee today; she plays a traditional Korean instrument named “Gayageum”, and her covers are simply amazing! Here is her take on Bowie’s The Man Who Sold The World (although I must confess I only knew Nirvana’s Unplugged version until today).

Enjoy, and make sure to visit her channel if you like the style!

On Repeat Today: Step, Vampire Weekend

h/t: Cécile and her super cool office video :)

On Repeat Today: Des Visages Des Figures, Noir Désir

Noir Désir. In France, it’s the band of a generation. Thinking back on my teenage years, 4 French rock bands immediately come to mind: Indochine, Mano Negra, Louise Attaque, and Noir Désir.

It’s hard to pick a specific song. They had so many hits. If I had to pick a few, Un Jour En France would definitely be one of the first. There was also L’Homme Pressé; Tostaky; Aux sombres héros de l’amer. But their last album, Des visages des figures, was my favourite. It was calmer, and I listened to it over and over again. Like I will today. :)

On Repeat Today: PV Nova


I went down a rabbit hole last night, and I figured I’d take you with me. 🙂

I discovered PV Nova a few months ago. He’s a French musician and YouTuber, and is now mostly known for his experiments. Through his YouTube channel, he shares his love for music and explains how music is made.

On Repeat Today: iPlayYouListen, Odesza

Back to work after 2 weeks off! Let’s get this thing going!

On Repeat Today: All Women (1997)

About 20 years ago, I spent all my savings and bought a Sony Hi-Fi System. With a 3-CD changer and a cassette player, it was a great purchase! From that moment on I started listening to more and more music, often the same 3 albums on repeat (that’s when a 3-CD changer becomes useful 🙂). I would listen to music while reading, often late at night, almost daily.

One of the first CDs I got was a 1997 selection of pop and pop-rock songs from popular female singers. This was great stuff. I somehow remembered that album over the holidays and created a Spotify playlist so I could listen to that same album even though I don’t have the CD anymore!

On Repeat Today: Long Shot, X Makeena

I’ve known X Makeena for a long time. They’re originally from Brittany, and I discovered them at a small live concert. The music was great, and they put up a show as well! Lights, smoke, masks, costumes, dances, … It was pretty great.

It also happens to be great background music when I’m working, so I’ll often put one of their albums on loop for the whole day. If you like Dub, Drum & Bass, all mixed with hip hop, you should like it too! ? Enjoy!