On Repeat Today: Fred again, Tiny Desk Concert

NPR’s Tiny Desk concerts are always great, but I’ve enjoyed Fred Again’s take on the exercise. Enjoy!

On Repeat Today: Otomo, Bonobo

I’ve shared a few Bonobo tracks on this blog in the past, but I must share this one as well. Enjoy!

On Repeat Today: Believe In Yourself, Marc Rebillet

More electro, funk, and hip-hop for me today with Marc Rebillet. Enjoy!

Here is the full set, for when you’re done with this track and want more :)

On Repeat Today: Nova, Burial & Four Tet

Another British DJ today. If you like Bonobo, or Massive Attack to some extent, you’re going to love Burial!

On Repeat Today: Smoke Miash, Timewarp inc

Here is a nice 8 minutes of downtempo for your Friday afternoon. Enjoy!

On Repeat Today: Ghostwriter, RJD2

This is just some great sampling! What more do you need?

On Repeat Today: Insomniac Olympics, Blockhead

Back to Blockhead after a few years hiatus. Somehow it fell off my recommended lists even though I’ve listened to a lot of their albums on repeat over the years.

Lucky for me, my oldest kid is now building her own recommended songs list, sometimes based off tracks I made her discover. She got Blockhead recommended to her after listening to You Wish, Nightmares on Wax. That itself is a great On-Repeat track, for another day :)

On Repeat Today: Les Cigales, La Rue Ketanou

It’s been a very long time since I’ve listened to La Rue Ketanou, but it never fails to give me goosebumps. Especially their live music! Here is maybe one of their most famous songs, but you can listen to the whole “Ouvert à double tour” album!

Kudos to Stephane who posted a few of their songs in the past few days and put this back in my head :)

On Repeat Today: One Day They’ll Know, Pretty Lights (ODESZA Remix)

I’ve posted about ODESZA before; here is another one of their remixes. Enjoy!

On Repeat Today: Quedate Luna, 10 Ton Obsidian & Spin Alonga

In a style somewhat similar to my last post… Enjoy this rework of a cover :)