Xtreme One, a new WordPress theme framework

Starting today, the guys behind WPengineer blog are launching their own WordPress framework, Xtreme one.

Yet another theme framework, will you say. And this one will cost you $79,95. That’s enough to make me wonder if this is worth it. This video answers a few questions:

The framework seems to include powerful features, and be usable by any user. Other theme frameworks have been oriented to developers, this one seems to target end users directly. A different choice, one that may actually turn many developers away.

But you can go have a look for yourselves right now, and make your own opinions. To celebrate the launch, you can get a 10% discount by using the coupon LAUNCH.


Today in WordPress world – 10/04

  • For those of you looking for answers or help in the choice of a Premium theme framework, this article is a must. It does a complete review of the main Premium WordPress frameworks around, comparing them with each other on important metrics for all of us (Security, Database Calls, Stress test, SEO, …). Take the time to read that review till the end, there are lots of interesting things to be seen there!

Today in WordPress world – 18/11

Today in WordPress world – 16/09

  • Another great them from Woothemes, coming in 16 delicious flavours and lots of other features.
    * A neat javascript home page featured slider, with thumbnail previews of previous/next slides on hover over the dots.
    * A “talking points” home page that can display posts according to tags, in order of most commented to least commented. A great way to highlight posts gathering dust in the archives.
    * A customizable home page layout with options to specify how many full width blog posts and how many “box” posts you would like to display.
    * A javascript home page video player with thumbnail hover effect.
    * Daily Edition has been localized and includes a .po file for easy translations to be made of the theme

    I have to say, Woothemes keeps surprising me every time I discover a new theme release! Keep up the good work guys!

Today in WordPress world – 06/08

  • A great tutorial by Justin Tadlock. You will learn how to integrate plugins in a clean way with your theme, in order to load pages faster and in a better way.
  • Gravy is the codename of a new WordPress framework, released today by Darren Hoyt. For $15, you get a well-structured framework, with some special features that other frameworks do not have: this WordPress framework is designed and delivered to help you code your theme from the .psd file already. Even slicing is made easier.
    Make sure you have a look at this new project, in my opinion, the $15 are worth it!

Today in WordPress world – 04/08

Another upgrade for WordPress 2.8

And a few words about theme frameworks, and about GPL…