Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate

He’s done it again.

You have probably seen one of his videos in the past; Danny is a phenomenon on Youtube since 2009. His tricks are good, but the movies are usually so well edited that it makes it interesting to watch, even if you’re not a big fan of trials. I want to go back to riding every time I watch one of his videos! I also discovered really interesting bands, as the music is an important part of each clip.

His last project was actually a series of 5 episodes, going from a back injury to being back on the bike. You can check the complete Imaginate series here. He did an AMA on Reddit a few days ago, to talk about the series.

If you’re interested, here are his other videos, along with a link to the soundtracks, because I know you’ll want to know more about each band :)

More videos!

I want to be connected!

Molly Millions, Neuromancer

I am a big fan of William Gibson: I like his books*, and the Cyberpunk World he created, where humans can be “upgraded” and can get better through technology.

I have always been attracted by new technologies, and ways to improve our every-day life. As a fan of science-fiction, and with a Biology background, I guess it’s normal for me to consider new technologies when thinking about the evolution of humans.

But until a few months ago, this was only science-fiction. Yes, I’d be one of the first to volunteer to get an implant behind my ear, or “implanted” glasses connected to Internet and to my brain. But the closest thing from this was Augmented reality. And I must say I wasn’t really convinced. I tried a few apps when AR started appearing in our smartphones, but nothing blew my mind like Google Glass and Myo.

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My .gitconfig file

Git logo

I recently updated to Mountain Lion, and had to install a few more things to get Git to work properly.

I also realized that Git GUI stopped working. A quick addition to my .gitconfig file did the trick, but I thought I’d take the opportunity to share my .gitconfig file with you; it could be useful to someone, and I will be able to come back to that post next time I change my computer :)

	name = Jeremy Herve
	email = my_email_address
	user = jeherve
	token = my_token
	branch = true
	ui = true
	diff = true
	status = true
	s = status
	ci = commit
	co = checkout
	ls = branch -a
	oops = reset --soft HEAD~1
	rh = reset --hard
	save = stash save
	pop = stash pop --index
	gui = !sh -c '/usr/local/git/libexec/git-core/git-gui'
	lol = log --oneline --decorate --graph -n 15
	lola = log --oneline --decorate --graph -n 15 --all
	autocorrect = 1
	editor = nano

That’s it. If you have any advices or remarks, let me know! I am always looking for more tips!

Preparing my flashtalk, and discovering Impress.js

Impressed, a presentation about presentations

Last week and after 9 months working for Automattic, I met most of my colleagues for the fist time. We all travelled to San Diego, California, and spent the week working on team and getting to know each other.

Flashtalks are an important part of this annual grand meetup. Each one of us gets to stand up in front of everyone and talk about the topic of their choice for 5 minutes.

As it turns out, that’s actually quite difficult! First of all, because I had never talked in front of that many people, but also because I respect and admire the talented people I work with. It makes it harder to pick a topic that could be interesting and valuable for all the people in the room.

I spent quite some time thinking on the best topic; I wanted to talk about something I was passionate about: your presentation is always better if you are really passionate in your topic (see this talk by Scott Berkun to help you choose a good topic). That made things more difficult for me: I am interested in many things, as long as I feel that I am learning something in the process.

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Why don’t you try a standing desk?

When we moved back to Europe, I started thinking on getting a proper work station. Instead of working from the kitchen table and a really uncomfortable chair, I am now able to set up my own home office, with a real desk / chair. But is that really what I should be looking for? Some of my colleagues seem to have given up the standard desk, and are now using standing desks. So why not giving it a try?

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