Today in WordPress world – 06/08

  • A great tutorial by Justin Tadlock. You will learn how to integrate plugins in a clean way with your theme, in order to load pages faster and in a better way.
  • Gravy is the codename of a new WordPress framework, released today by Darren Hoyt. For $15, you get a well-structured framework, with some special features that other frameworks do not have: this WordPress framework is designed and delivered to help you code your theme from the .psd file already. Even slicing is made easier.
    Make sure you have a look at this new project, in my opinion, the $15 are worth it!

Today in WordPress world – 28/07

Today is Tutorials’ day!

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Typechart, choose your font in live and download CSS

Typechart helps you choose your blog font
Typechart helps you choose your blog font

Tired of testing dozens of fonts on your blog without knowing which one to choose? It is always difficult to choose the good font, the good size, the good style. Luckily Typechart does it for you!

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