Spreading WPlove…

We are many bloggers and developers loving WordPress all around the planet. Some use it as a personal blog, others as a professional tool. It could be your job tool as for many professional bloggers; it could be your portfolio as for many web designers.

And the power of WordPress is to propose hundreds of themes for each of these categories of users. Therefore if you are discovering WordPress you may head to the WordPress theme directory and have a look at what can be done. But there is another place to look for inspiration… We Love WP!

At WeloveWP there are new websites featured every day, all using WordPress and using an original and nice theme. By browsing all the categories (Personal, Sports, Portfolio, Corporate, …) you can see what others could do with WordPress and get a glimpse of all WordPress possibilities.

To conclude, if you need inspiration, if you want to showcase WordPress diversity to a potential new WordPress user, or if you simply do not know WordPress yet, go have a look at WeloveWP.

If however you need deeper information on WordPress themes, subscribe to wereWP! I will try to keep you updated on all WordPress news!