Last Watched

Sierra Maestra

Will assesses the Resistance Camp’s safety. Katie tries to gt more involved. Broussard and Amy encounter survivors outside the walls.

Puzzle Man

Will and Katie put themselves at risk to make contact with the Resistance. Broussard pieces together IGA secrets left behind in LA.


Six months after escaping Los Angeles, the Bowmans and Snyder enjoy a simple life in the mountains — until a sudden arrival changes everything. The Season 3 premiere.


In the second season finale, the Bowman family must make an impossible choice following a revelation about the fate of the colony.


Will, Katie and Broussard grapple to gain control of the RAP gauntlet from the Red Hand. Helena gets help from Snyder in her attempt to regain control of the L.A. bloc.

Good Intentions

Will and Katie must save a fugitive from the occupation; at the camp, Snyder hides evidence; Broussard’s cell is threatened by one of their own.