Sci-Fi book recommendations

Are you looking for new Sci-Fi book series to discover? Here are some ideas.

A few weeks ago, I posted the following message on the Fediverse:

I’m looking for book recommendations.

I am interested in Sci-Fi, with great world building. Possibly a series, something I could enjoy for a few books.

To give you some examples, I really enjoyed The Expanse, and The Dresden Files for example. I like the universe built by William Gibson (e.g Neuromancer, Count Zero, Mona Lisa Overdrive, The Peripheral), but I find him very hard to read in English.

I didn’t expect many replies. Boy was I wrong! I woke up the next day to close to 40 replies, with multiple recommendations!

I now have enough reading material to last me for the rest of the year, and more! As a thank you to every one of you who commented, here is the full list of the recommendations I received.

Shout out to authors on the Fediverse

2 authors reached out to me directly to suggest some of their work. Thank you both!


Here are all the series that were recommended to me. I’m currently making my way through the Commonwealth Saga, by Peter Hamilton. It’s really great so far, just what I was looking for!

This list is in no particular order, but I did place the books that were recommended by multiple people at the top.

  • Adrian Tchaikovsky – Children of Time
  • Iain M Banks – Culture
  • Seanan McGuire – October Daye
  • Alastair Reynolds – Revelation Space (recommended reading order)
  • Ann Leckie – Imperial Radch (space opera)
  • Charles Stross – The Laundry Files
  • Charles Stross – The Merchant Princes
  • Peter Hamilton – Commonwealth Saga
  • Dan Simmons – Hyperion Cantos (Jesuits in space, apparently!)
  • Annalee Newitz – The Terraformers
  • Dennis E. Taylor’s Bobiverse
  • Martha Wells – Murderbot Diaries
  • John Scalzi – Old Man’s War
  • Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London
  • Daniel Suarez’s Daemon
  • John Shirley’s Eclipse
  • Elizabeth Moon – Serrano Legacy
  • Elizabeth Moon – Vatta’s War
  • NK Jemesin – Broken Earth
  • Frank Herbert – Dune
  • Isaac Asimov – Foundation
  • Edgar Rice Burroughs – Barsoom
  • Steve McHugh – Hellequin Chronicles
  • Kim Stanley Robinson – Mars Trilogy
  • C. J. Cherryh – Alliance–Union
  • Phillip K Dick – Valis
  • Philip José Farmer – Riverworld
  • Nathan Lowell – Solar Clipper (Hopeful, charming space opera in very clear and simple English prose)
  • Richard Kadrey – Sandman Slim (pulpy romp)
  • Mary Robinette Kowal – The Lady Astronaut (alt-history space race)
  • Tanya Huff – Valor Confederation
  • Tanya Huff – Blood Books
  • Elizabeth Bear – White Space
  • Pierce Brown – Red Rising
  • Neal Asher – Agent Cormac (James Bond super space agent Forrest Gumping his way through galaxy consequential space events)
  • Rebecca Roanhorse – Between Earth and Sky
  • Yoon Ha Lee – The machineries of Empire
  • Arkady Martine – Teixcalaan
  • Cixin Liu – The Three-Body Problem
  • Steven Erikson – Malazan Book of the Fallen (Fantasy, if you like Dune)
  • Becky Chambers – Wayfarers
  • Ursula K. Le Guin – Earthsea (Fantasy)
  • Ursula K. Le Guin – Hainish Cycle
  • Larry Niven – Ringworld


Those are not book series, but single novels.

  • David Marusek – Counting Heads
  • Charles Stross – Halting State
  • Elizabeth Moon – The Speed of Dark
  • Elizabeth Moon – Remnant Population
  • Bruce Sterling – The Artificial Kid


The following authors have multiple books that may be interesting.

Should I start posting reviews of the books I read? Should I add links to that list so you can read more about each option? Let me know.

4 replies on “Sci-Fi book recommendations”

Supergrobi says:

@jeremy Ann Leckie is really outstanding and original writing!Earthsee by LeGuin actually isn't SciFi but Fantasy, but she is well placed on your list because she did write incredible SciFi. That would e.g. be "The Dispossessed", where she spells out the founding of a new anarchist society on a new planet."The Left Hand if Darkness" from 1969 totally changed my view on genders, very very recommendable: might want to check out her

Jeremy says:

Thank you, I’ll add that to my list :)

swi says:

@jeremy I encourage anyone to read Iain M. Banks’ Culture books. You too! He was a wonderful writer and they remain resonant tales.

Jeremy says:

They’re next on my list :) Thank you!

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