Schotten Totten

Discovering Schotten Totten, a new game we got for Christmas

We got a few new board games for Christmas. One of them is Schotten Totten.

Shot of a table where Schotten Totten being played

It’s a 1v1 game. You must build 9 formations of 3 cards, all laid out in front of you. Like in Poker, you build the best hands as possible to beat your opponent, while keeping in mind what hands your opponent can build. You build all 9 hands at the same time, and every time you’re sure that one of your hands can beat your opponent’s, you win a tile. Win 3 tiles next to each other, or 5 tiles total, and you win the game.

The game’s theme (2 Scottish clans battling for land) is honestly not that important, but the cards look cute :)

It’s a pretty nice game, requires a lot more concentration than one may think at first. All in all, a very fun game, I’d really recommend it!

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