On Repeat Today: Dissolved Girl, Massive Attack

I really enjoyed the first two seasons of Westworld. There was so much in there that I liked: the actors, the world building, the soundtrack, … I was super pumped to start watching season 3. I’ve enjoyed the first two episodes so far (although that second episode felt a bit too rushed in my opinion). I think both Aaron Paul and Vincent Cassel will be great additions to the cast, and the soundtrack is still great :)

In the first episode of this new season, I couldn’t help but smile when Dissolved Girl started playing. In my mind it remains one of the key moments of The Matrix, one of my favorite movies. Neo fell asleep in front of the computer while searching for traces of Morpheus online, and as he wakes up with Dissolved Girl playing in his headset, his computer screen blacks out to spell out “Wake up Neo”, “The Matrix has you”, and of course “Follow the White rabbit”.

I can’t help but assume the director of that episode did this on purpose, and wanted us to “question the nature of our reality”. :)

In any case, Massive Attack is always a win, so enjoy!