New theme, new logo, new PHP!

Fresh coat of paint for my blog: new theme, new logo, new version of PHP, and HTTP/2!

Fresh coat of paint for my blog: new theme, new logo, new version of PHP, and HTTP/2!

A new theme

I finally moved away from the default Twenty Fifteen theme on that site, and picked a brand new theme, Scrawl. It’s designed by my colleague Caroline Moore. Whenever I look for a new theme, I look at her themes first!

I personalized the theme a bit:

Custom Post Titles

I liked my colleague Joen Asmussen’s take on post titles on his own site: a different font for each post. I did something similar here, by applying a random class to each post.
It was then easy to apply a different font to each post class in my CSS.

Custom Colors

I like my little Color Posts plugin, and wanted to use it a bit more. In my previous theme, only the sidebar’s background color matched the post image. Starting today, the whole background changes. It took a bit of customization to change all text colors to match the background tone, but I’m happy with the result.

Custom Logo

The logo itself is from the talented Tim Wilsie. I love it! ?



Thanks to my wonderful hosting provider Webfaction and CloudFlare, I’m able to speed things up a bit. Hopefully everyone will see the difference. ?

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I gave it a try, but didn’t like the way Twenty Sixteen handled Post Formats. I guess that default theme is not for me this year ?

Totally understandable. The only thing I dislike, but probably gonna start liking is the excerpt right beneath the post title. Gonna try to see if I can come up with something better to have there instead, like a subtitle or perhaps some custom post meta. Post formats seem to look exactly the same no matter what theme, so custom colors and fonts will certainly help!

You really need to enable Likes… New logo is awesome, and I really dig the custom fonts on post titles!

Faaaaaast! Not sure if it’s Cloudflare’s HTTP/2 (i noticed a speed increase in my blog too) or the combination with PHP7but the site loads fast! Good job on the logo too.