Need some help coding your WordPress theme?

For all beginners with WordPress, and sometimes even for pros, a bit of help is needed when looking for a code snippet or a special WordPress function. Of course, Codex is here for that, and there are plenty of great tutorials on the Internet, but sometimes it is not enough: the information can be hard to find, or you may not have the time to look.

In such cases, a WordPress search engine would be handy: that it where WPLookup comes in:

Wp Lookup

The idea is simple: using tools such as PHP Cross reference of WordPress source, from Yoast, and looking into the Codex, this search engine gives you the answers you need in just a search. And to make it even simpler, you can add it to your browser default search tools.

To conclude, this search engine will help you find info about WordPress functions in a few seconds. And if you are looking for other tools to speed up your coding process, do not hesitate to use WPLookup in parallel with these 3 other tools:

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