On Repeat Today: All Women (1997)

About 20 years ago, I spent all my savings and bought a Sony Hi-Fi System. With a 3-CD changer and a cassette player, it was a great purchase! From that moment on I started listening to more and more music, often the same 3 albums on repeat (that’s when a 3-CD changer becomes useful 🙂). I would listen to music while reading, often late at night, almost daily.

One of the first CDs I got was a 1997 selection of pop and pop-rock songs from popular female singers. This was great stuff. I somehow remembered that album over the holidays and created a Spotify playlist so I could listen to that same album even though I don’t have the CD anymore!

The playlist misses 2 songs: Suddenly, by Soraya and All I Want, from Susanna Hoffs. They were not available on Spotify.

Interestingly, listening to those songs never fails to bring back memories from some of the books I read while the CD was on. I remember two different series of books I read while listening to All Women: Lone Wolf‘s Choose Your Own Adventure books and The Black Stallion series by Walter Farley. I wasn’t even a teenager yet, but as you can tell I had great taste in music and literature 🙂