Mention other ActivityPub users right inside your WordPress blog!

One more step towards WordPress being a full-fledged ActivityPub client!

If you’re actively blogging on WordPress and have been playing with Mastodon et al. in the past few months, you probably came across the ActivityPub plugin for WordPress.

The plugin implements the ActivityPub protocol for your site. It allows others to follow your blog from their Mastodon / Pleroma / GoToSocial account. If they reply to one of your blog’s posts there, their reply will be posted as a comment on your blog.

This is already pretty neat! But starting today with the release of version 0.16.1 of the plugin, you can even mention other ActivityPub users in your posts. When you hit Publish, they’ll be notified of your post inside their client of choice.

This is all happening thanks to @pfefferle, developer of the ActivityPub plugin, and @alex who suggested and implemented the feature in this Pull Request.

A big thank you to those 2 people for their work on this! 👏

The 2 links above are examples of what you can do. I added the ActivityPub handles of those 2 fine people in my post, and in return they received a mention in their ActivityPub clients, and you get to see a link to their ActivityPub profile!

If you were looking for a reason to give the ActivityPub plugin a try, this is a great day to start! :)

By the way, you can follow my blog on the Fediverse by searching for @[email protected] in your Mastodon / ActivityPub client ;)

5 replies on “Mention other ActivityPub users right inside your WordPress blog!”

@jeremy @alex are you still on version 0.16.0? There is a bug with empty content there :(should be fixed with 0.16.1

Jason Tucker says:

@jeremy an awesome step forward with all things #ActivityPub!

Jason Tucker says:

@jeremy and then we broke your website it looks like.

Ricardo says:

@jeremy @pfefferle @alex do you think that in time the current #activitypub WordPress plug-in will integrate similar ideas than the Friends WP plug-in? (ability to follow other users and consume the content from inside WP)

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