From Mac to Ubuntu: getting rid of the desktop icon in the app switcher

Yesterday I mentioned how muscle memory was the hardest thing to beat when switching OSes. Here is another quick tip that you’ll love if you’re switching from Mac to Ubuntu and if like me, you’re a Cmd+Tab Alt+tab addict.

When working on a Mac, quickly hitting and releasing Cmd+Tab switches you back to the app you were previously using. It’s super efficient when working in 2 different apps and when you must keep going from one to the other, to copy and paste data for example.

Ubuntu offers something almost identical, but with one key difference: the first app in the switcher isn’t the last used app, it’s the desktop.

Ubuntu / Unity default app switcher

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t care less about my desktop: I don’t need to see it, and even if some files are stored on my desktop I can access them via the finder.

Luckily, I found the Unity Tweak Tool app. Among other things, it allows you to remove the Desktop Icon from the App Switcher.

Unity App switcher with the Desktop icon

💥! One saved key press, and another step to get my sanity back!

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